Quake's music soundtrack was composed by Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor. The music plays on each level of the game. Due to its ambient nature, the tracks attempt to give the levels an extra layer of atmosphere while the player is walking through a ghostly ancient realm.

The music on the disc is a standard audio CD-audio files which means the music can be played off a CD player and ripped onto the computer to play on media player. Track 01 is a data track, meaning the actual soundtrack are Tracks 02-11.

The disc must be inserted in order to play the music in game.

As the tracks do not have official names, they have several fan-made titles accepted by the player community.

Number Unofficial titles Track
02 Persia Invasion / Quake Theme
03 The Life Beneath It All / Aftermath / Intermission
04 Conscience / The Hall of Souls / Whispers
05 Freezing Vertigo / It is Raped
06 The Journey / Parallel Dimensions
07 The Hammer / Life
08 Ice / Damnation
09 Peace? / Focus
10 Violence Inside / Falling
11 Death / The Reaction