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This page lists all the main category pages such as Games, Enemies and Weapons, which in turn lead to their respective pages. This page is able to lead you any where you want across QuakeWiki. For example, if you wish to find the Makron from Quake II, go to Bosses/Quake II Bosses/Makron (Q2). Whilst you can also search for the page using the search bar at the top right of the page, the category pages allow you to easily look at and read pages related to each other.

  • Add-ons - Commercial add-ons for the games.
  • Ammo - Ammunition for firearms.
  • Armor - A powerup that absorbs a certain amount of an attack.
  • Barriers - A slight hinderance for the player.
  • Bosses - Difficult enemies designated as bosses.
  • Bots - AI intended to simulate players.
  • Characters - Characters of the games' storyline
  • Games - The Quake series, including expansions.
  • Enemies - Opponents you must fight.
  • Hazards - Anything inanimate harmful to the player or an enemy.
  • Levels - The maps that must be progressed through to complete the game.
  • Level Designers - The people responsible for various levels.
  • Level Editors - The various editors used to design the levels.
  • Level Exits - A designation of an exit to the next level.
  • Level Themes - The style a level can be based on textures, decorations, and exclusive Enemies/Hazards.
  • Locations - General locations of the game
  • Misc - Anything that does not fit into another category, and has nothing else similar to be grouped with.
  • Mods - Free add-ons and other modifications for the games.
  • Ports - Official and Unofficial variations to the original game with different features.
  • Powerups - Beneficial items found in the maps.
  • Vehicles - Any non stationary machinery used to transport cargo or people from one place to another.
  • Videos - Walkthroughs, Music, and anything else uploaded from Youtube.
  • Weapons - The items used to kill Enemies.