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Quake plus is a modification for Quake made by Werner Spahl. This features a combination of various additions to the game, the most notable being the addition of a "use" key similar to that found in Doom. According to Werner Spahl, this makes the game a lot more realistic. The use key can be called with impulse 14. This key shall be needed to open Doors or press Buttons, much like Doom. This modification does break Monster patrols. It is also possible to get stuck inside Buttons if the player is still there when the Button restores to its initial state.

Taking it further, all items in the game are now solid, meaning Ammo, Powerups, and Weapons are now all solid entities that cannot be jumped over. If shot enough times, they can be destroyed and removed from the world. They must be interacted with the use key to either pick them up if needed, or kicked if the player cannot pick them up. This was considered a useful method to prevent the player from wasting resources by accidentally picking it up. The player can also kick Monsters and other players if they are used.

If the player presses the use key and is not looking at something they can use (note to use it, they must also be moving into it), the player shall drop a Backpack filled with various things depending on what they have equipped. If the player has a Silver Key, they can drop it by equipping the Axe, while they can drop the Gold Key with the Shotgun. If the Axe is selected and Armor is over 75, they can drop a Green Armor for the cost of 50 Armor units. If the player has over 75 health and has a Shotgun selected, they can drop a 25 Health. If any other Weapon is equipped, the player will drop it as well as some Ammo for it. Note that there is a bug where the Backpack will disappear if dropped into a wall or object. Combined with the ease of dropping a Key, this means it is quite easy for the player to end up permanently losing a Key.

Game Changes

  • The player can only change their color when they are dead. Note there is a bug that will switch players to a single color if they attempt to change their color while they are alive.
  • Killing a teammate now results in the player losing -3 frags. If the player acquires more than -10 frags, they shall automatically die. Note that this will result in the server immediately crashing.
  • GIBBIN3 was included, but it is an older version, meaning players cannot walk over corpses without jumping on them. Heads have also been made solid and able to be Gibbed.
  • Players also now drop both Keys, Powerups, and Armor on death.
  • Grunts, Ogres, and Enforcers also drop a random amount of Ammo upon death instead of a constant amount.
  • Hitting Grunts or Rottweilers with the Axe makes them friendly, meaning they will fight for the player instead of attacking them.
  • The Grenade Launcher now works as a proximity launcher, meaning it explodes when someone gets too close to the grenade.
  • The Rocket Launcher now works as a homing missile and will try to move towards opponents it detects. If it misses, it will collide with a wall and sizzle, lighting up the nearby area for a few seconds like a flare.


Homing Missile sizzling upon hitting a wall