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Quest is an editor for Quake made in 1996 by Chris Carollo and Trey Harrison. One of the first editors, the earliest versions were made as Qtest map modifiers that could add or remove Monsters from a level.

The editor was DOS-based and was widely considered the best for that particular operating system. Due to Windows gaining popularity in the late 90s, however, Quest fell by the wayside for editors compatible with Windows 95 like THRED.

While the team questioned porting the editor to Windows, they decided against it since he felt the editor would not be as customizable as it could be under DOS. Furthermore, Windows 95 applications do not work in Linux like DOS applications could. Finally, due to the common availability of Windows 95 applications, they felt it would be worthless to have another Windows 95 editor.

Quest development slowed after late October of 1996. Between school and working on a Total Conversion, the authors lacked the time needed to continue working on the editor.

The final release of Quest (1.093) by Carollo and Harrison on November 11, 1996. There was talk of making a Windows version of Quest that would run alongside the original DOS version, but prior to said work being started a small patch was made. It however had a Burglar 1105 virus in it; the only change from 1.092 was the change of SVGA operations. Chris Thibodeaux took responsibility for said virus since it was beta tested on his machine, but Trey Harrison argued that the lack of scanning his own hard drive prior to beta testing it was the likely culprit.

Quest officially stopped development on November 21, 1996. While it is was one of the biggest editors for DOS users, the original creators lost desire to continue working on it due to college and various other factors in their life. Trey Harrison stated "Its a lot like having this really cool toy that you play with 24 hours a day for 6 months and then you just dont feel like playing with it anymore.". The virus further demotivated the team, especially since it was the first update in a month. 1.092, the last functional version, had been released on October 16, 1996.

On November 23, 1996, the source code was released. Both original designers stated that they were planning to move on with their lives, it would be unlikely that they would touch Quest again. The original developers also felt this was the best method to prevent needing to give an "official seal of approval".


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