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In both Quake 3 and 4 multiplayer, Regeneration is a powerup that regenerates the player's health for 30 seconds or until it hits 200 health. It lasts for 30 seconds, respawns after 3 minutes and makes a red glow surround the user. If the possessor has less than 100 health, it will heal +15 health with every second. When health exceeds 100 points, regeneration rate will drop to +5 health per second; the player can hit up to 200 points of health, which will not drop until Regeneration wears off.

In Quake Live, Regeneration has the same benefits just like the series' 3rd and 4th games.


  • Regeneration is a lifesaver, so try and grab it as soon as the match starts! A player that has Regeneration and a powerful weapon will be able to last for a while. However, don't think it makes you invincible, because a few quick and powerful shots in a row can still tear you up, even if you have it.
  • If you see somebody with Regeneration, grab a powerful weapon and begin unloading it on the target as fast as you can. Regeneration can't catch up to large amounts of damage done quickly. If you are fighting without powerful weapons, do not try to fight the user instead obtain every supply you can get, especially health and armor. Try to drain the resources for the enemy because he has the advantage over you already.
  • If there are other enemy players around, forget about fighting Regeneration user head on, since the Regeneration users will take time to kill, this will give others time to kill you. You should at least, have some teammates before facing them.
  • Regeneration bearer can shrug off low damage hits like pellets or splash damage. If you're inaccurate, prefer heavy hitter weapons or get closer to deal more damage.
  • Due to the advantage it provides, it is not seen in some maps or banned by servers.
  • It best to pick up megahealth before you pick up this because it is easier to maintain 200 health.


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