In Quake 3, Regeneration is a powerup that regenerates the player's health for 30 seconds or until it hits 200 health. It lasts for 30 seconds, respawns after 3 minutes and makes a red glow surround the user. If the possessor has less than 100 health, it will heal +15 health with every second. When health exceeds 100 points, regeneration rate will drop to +5 health per second; the player can hit up to 200 points of health, which will not drop until Regeneration wears off.

In Quake Live, Regeneration has the same benefits just like the series' 3rd and 4th games.


  • Regeneration is a lifesaver, so try and grab it as soon as the match starts! A player that has Regeneration and a powerful weapon will be able to last for a while. However, don't think it makes you invincible, because a few quick and powerful shots in a row can still tear you up, even if you have it.
  • Regeneration bearer can shrug off low damage hits like pellets, missed bursts and small splash damage. If you're inaccurate at long ranges, prefer heavy hitter weapons or get closer to deal more damage with weapon combinations.
  • If you see somebody with Regeneration, grab a powerful weapon and begin unloading it on the target as fast as you can. Regeneration can't catch up to large amounts of damage done quickly. If you don't have any powerful weapons, evade to fight the user instead obtain every supply you can get. Especially any sort of armor and stimpacks. Try to drain the resources for the enemy because foe has the advantage over you already.
  • Regeneration user will lock down any armor spawn in the map with ease, doubling their effective health. They can push where ever health orbs spawn and hold their position to deny them also. Be mindful of where you are fighting the Regeneration holder and try to lure them at the vast open areas where you can make them airborne to combo them safely or try to get a drop on them by standing a height advantage.
  • In a general sense Regeneration is meant to be taken when a player gets a good control over the Heavy Armor area. Rest of the contestants are just be there to claim the Regeneration without having counter measures against resistance. When you sense someone going to head for Regeneration try to starve them by consistently hitting Light Armor and buffing up with small pickups as 5 Health and shards where ever available before contesting the area as time comes up.
  • Regeneration replenishes health at a slower rate over full health. Considering there won't be a Megahealth pickup in the map, they will run for it with standard health. Try to use their relative low point against the Regeneration bearer. Even if you can not time the pickup, try to be there in time for harassing them and burn their stacks. Things will go out of hand quicker if you leave the Regeneration bearer unattended for half minute where their stack will hit 200 health and still maintain their armor.
  • If you fail to open harass fire, you may hope to head to other hotly contested areas that created between Regeneration and other important items. There could be a middle point between two important areas where combat gets heated. With some good positioning or backtracking you can lull opponents into fighting at chokes. As a result mass respawns will chip away the Regeneration bearer's armor faster before they can restock.
  • Best weapon to drop a Regeneration user at enclosed spaces would be Plasma Gun or Grenade Launcher complimented by a Rocket Launcher shot just after. PG pulses will deal immense damage which you can finish with RL. Tossing a ricochet grenade nearby them then setting them off with RL shot would be a nice combat initiation as well.
  • At open spaces, you have to rely on airborne weapon combos to burst damage. A RL at their feet once you circled them around would send them mid-air. When target is mid-air, combination must be followed by either Lightning Gun or Railgun. Once airborne, their movement have to be disrupted by a powerful shot else they'll escape and recover.
  • When you see a Regeneration bearer from far away, switch to your Machine Gun and open harassment fire to chip away their armor. If you can score a few shots, that's 20 or 30 armor points down from their stack with little to no risk involved. Also a good way to determine if that is the Regeneration bearer on your sights, depending on whether you see the red hue around them as they get damaged or not.
  • If there are other enemy players around, forget about fighting Regeneration user head on. Since the Regeneration users will take time to kill, this will give others time to kill you. You should at least have some participants or teammates, willing to focus fire before facing it. This also applies to MH and Heavy Armor carriers of the enemy team in team oriented game modes. Upon hearing the announce of Regeneration taken, you may want to backtrack to flank them or await them near contested areas after a mass streak happened.
  • Due to the advantage it provides, it is not seen in some maps or banned by servers. Not for an empty reason however, Regeneration bearer is way hard to kill by maintaining maximum buffed health for at least a minute straight at average until it decays away after the effects cease.
  • In large map team games, it's best to pick up Megahealth before you pick up this because it is easier to maintain 200 health. However, it'd be a better plan to organize an assault to the enemy team base to steal MH away from them.
  • In Quake Live team CTF, Regeneration's favored carrier is Armor-Regen bearer on defense and Guard on offense. Obviously, either of them can go for defense or offense, but having an Armor-Regen wait for the flag means they won't steal the pickups spawning at homebase away from teammates as much.