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Better left alone, these hard-working robots can usually be found repairing doors, lights, and other types of equipment.

The Reckoning manual

The Repair Bot, also known as a "Fixer Robot", is an unusual opponent; it will spend the majority of its time fixing broken equipment or architecture. Should a fallen Strogg be in its proximity, it will attempt to return it back to functional status like a Medic. Though it is easy to kill, it is often not necessary to do so.


Repair bots seem to be about the size of a human head, and are fairly common. They shoot out a blue beam to revive fallen Strogg, but mostly will be found repairing lights or other electrical systems and are only a mild threat, as they emit a projectile roughly analagous to that fired by the blaster.

They look like a toaster with two folded wings and "Caution" stripes down their backs. They have claw-like arms, similar to those of the Technicians, and no apparent optical scanners, although they have no trouble tracking Joker with their weapon. They fly and move much like a flyer. Fixers also make the same "pain" sounds as flyers. When killed, fixers mushroom out in a large explosion.


  • Alone, a fixer is an incredibly low threat, like a low-powered flyer. If they are in a group with other Strogg, they can be quite a threat. Either gib the Strogg you kill or blow up the Fixer with a rocket.


The Repair Bot being injured
The Repair Bot being killed
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