Rhino squad

The members of Rhino Squad from left to right; Morris, Sledge, Bidwell, Jeremiah, Kane, Voss, Rhodes, Strauss and Cortez.

Rhino Squad is a nine member elite Space Marine Corps squad. Matthew Kane, the protagonist of Quake 4 is one of member of this squad.

Known MembersEdit

Rhino Squad

The Symbol of the Squad.


  1. Prior to Operation: Advantage, Morris held the rank of Sergeant. Following the ensuing catastrophe, he was promoted to Second Lieutenant.
  2. Prior to Operation: Advantage, Sledjonovitch held the rank of Lance Corporal. Following the catastrophe, he was promoted to Sergeant; considering that Cortez, Kane, Rhodes, and Strauss (Corporals) previously outranked him, his advancement is somewhat strange.


  • Also, during the course of the game it is possible to find the corpses of three other marines bearing the Rhino squad badge. One appears during the first assault when walking along a walkway above where the first Grunt you see is dragging a marine through the door. The second one can be found in the Walker level. The final one is in the Strogg dispersal plant where the partially stroggified marines are. Just continue until you find a pile of Human leftovers with a marine's body.

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