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Richard Gray (born November 15, 1957), also known by his nickname Levelord, is a game designer who was employed by Hipnotic Software to design maps for the company’s first project and Quake’s first official add‐on: Scourge of Armagon. Previously he labored for 3D Realms, designing levels for Duke Nukem 3D (Quake’s most famous competitor), and after Scourge of Armagon he continued working for Hipnotic Software, later known as Ritual Entertainment, on projects such as SiN and Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2, until the company closed in January 2007.

A famous distinction about Gray is his tendency to insert humorous Easter Eggs in his levels that are self-referential. For example, if one climbs the wall to the roof in HIP1M4, they will receive a message from Gray that says ‘... thought you'd get up here somehow.’ The wall is somewhat slanted, which makes the ascension very slow, but still possible.

Scourge of Armagon LevelsEdit

Gray created eight maps for Scourge of Armagon.

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