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Mastering the Rocket Launcher is mandatory to winning. While extremely common in direct combat, being able to predict where an opponent might appear can expand your health and armor lead over an enemy, and control their position using knockback. It wouldn’t be a Rocket Launcher without rocket jumping, to trade some health and armor for a better position, or for surprise.

—Quake Champions Overview

The Rocket Launcher "RL" is a weapon in Quake Champions the RL fires Rockets which detonates on impact and can deal very high damage, it is one of the most famous weapons in Quake Champions and the Quake series.

Strategy Edit

  • Due to the high knockback the Rocket Launcher can be used to reach high places with Rocket Jump, at the cost of some health and armor. This allows the player to reach better positions, or surprise unaware players.
  • When firing at a opponent predicting where the enemy goes is very important due to the slow speed of the Rockets.
  • Try to shot opponents at the feet or at nearby walls since getting a direct hit is very difficult due to the fast paced nature of Quake Champions, depending how close the Rocket hits it can deal 1 to 100 damage.
  • If you are confident that the enemy has low health after a few rocket blasts try to finish them off with a Super Shotgun or a Heavy Machine Gun spray for follow up.
  • The Rocket Launcher can be used as a area denial weapon, if someone is charging at your direction simply fire at the choke point you expect your opponent to pass.
  • When fighting in close range switch to other weapons to avoid killing yourself.

Trivia Edit

  • The Rocket Launcher design uses the muzzle from the Quake III Arena version, the Ammo Belt of the rocket launcher along with the muzzle of that grenade Launcher from Quake II
  • One of the weapon skins is The Original, a Quake Rocket Launcher, complete with centered weapon view models.

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