Rune Gates in Quake are simply Teleporters with a frame around the inside piece. This outer frame is covered in runic symbols. They are used to exit most Runic levels, though there are exceptions in the case of the final level of an Epsiode, where Exit Gates are used instead.

Note also that E1M6: The Door to Chthon just uses a standard Teleporter. This means that E1M7: The House of Chthon is the only non-secret Runic level to lack a starting Teleport Pad.

Rune Gates are also used to enter Runic levels from another theme, as is the case in E1M5: Gloom Keep. In Deathmatch games, a block or bar is put to prevent the player from accidentally exiting the level.

The frame around the Rune Gate generally has an invisible Teleporter above the area the player is intended to access. Due to the differences of level mechanics, this second Teleporter does not exist in E1M8: Ziggurat Vertigo, nor in E3M5: the Wind Tunnels as a Wind Tunnel is directly above the Rune Gate. The player can often Rocket Jump to the invisible Teleporter, which will usually deposit them somewhere else in the level.