Runic is a Level Theme in Quake. Runic textures are often made of metal alloys such as copper. These metallic walls and floors are sometimes detailed with concrete. Some Medieval levels borrow Runic textures, meaning that this Level Theme is quite visible throughout the game.

Used highly by American McGee, the rustic nature resulted in him referring to it as the "Nine Inch Nails palette". He felt the Runic textures mirrored the sound and feeling of the band. [1]

Levels with more than one or two Runic textures tend to be underground dungeons. These dark caverns are almost completely sealed off from the world outside with only the occasional glimpse of the sky above. Light sources usually cover a good portion of the level, though many corners still remain dark and can possibly conceal hidden dangers such as Monsters. Though slow, the Large Wall Spikes that guard these caverns can be extremely lethal to the unwary.

As their name would suggest, the walls of Runic levels tend to be covered with runic symbols. The Keys used to unlock Doors in these levels appear to be runes. Even the normal Level Exit for these levels, the Rune Gate, has a frame with runic images upon them. Religious imagery also is common in these levels; a few lights are designed in the shape of a cross and a large mural exists of a crucified being. Also, Lava is common here, which can be lethal to Ranger if entered.

Note that there is a conflict between two Runic textures, Metal5_2 and Metal5_2. This means that playing a level having one of these textures will cause the other level to have its texture overwritten, meaning the wrong texture will be displayed until the game is restarted. Metal5_2 can be found in the levels E2M5: the Wizard's Manse and E4M6: The Pain Maze; while Metal5_2 can be found in levels E1M7: The House of Chthon, E1M8: Ziggurat Vertigo, E3M4: Satan's Dark Delight, and E3M5: the Wind Tunnels.

Another conflict exists between Metal5_4 and Metal5_4. The former is found in levels Introduction, E1M8: Ziggurat Vertigo, E3M2: The Vaults of Zin, E3M4: Satan's Dark Delight, and E3M7: the Haunted Halls. The latter is only found in E4M6: The Pain Maze.


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