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A Security Motion Detector

SECURITY MOTION-DETECTORS is a modification for Quake made by KTGOW on August 12, 1996. This modification features a motion detector that can be placed by the player to be a Hazard. Motion detectors can be placed by pressing impulse 15, though the player must have the proper requirements to use it. A player must have 96 Health, 50 Nails, and 1 Rocket. All of these are consumed upon spawning the motion detector.

Once the motion detector is tossed onto the ground, the player will be warned that they have ten seconds to get away before the motion detector is activated. This is because the motion detector fires indiscriminately and thus will kill their owner. A true environmental Hazard, players will not get credit for kills if they use this in Deathmatch.

A motion detector will warn the players when it is activated. It will also only fire when the player is moving and visible to the motion detector. Note that it is designed to track the player's movement, thereby guessing where they player will move next. They fire Nails at a rapid pace until they deplete 50 in their reserve. Once out of ammunition, the motion detector will only fire 1 Nail every two seconds.

The player can use impulse 16 when they are close to a Motion Detector to supply it with more Nails and thus increase the firing rate. Note that the player will have three seconds to get away after it is restocked. The motion detector can hold a maximum of 200 Nails at any one time and is supplied 25 Nails at a time.

Custom Death Messages

  • "Player" was spiked by an inanimate object - Killed by motion detector (normal)
  • "Player" was killed by a Motion Detector - Killed by motion detector (normal)
  • "Player" was slain because he moved - Killed by motion detector (normal)
  • "Player" was killed by an exploding Motion Detector - Killed by motion detector (explosion)