A readied EMP on a heavy SMC truck

The SMC Electro-Magnetic-Pulse Generator, sometimes simply referred to as "EMP Bomb" is a device used by the SMC during the Second Invasion of Stroggos against an installation called the Tetranode.

Workings of EMPsEdit

An EMP generator basically focuses a strong radiation source (for example of microwave radiation). For a shot time, this creates a powerful electromagnetic field that quickly discharges and destroys electric and electronic exposed to it.

Operation: AdvantageEdit

Operation: Advantage had the goal of destroying the Tetranode which served as a hub for several important Strogg communication lines.

It was planned by the SMC to send four convoys of heavy trucks, each quipped with an EMP generator, to the Tetranode in order to "fire" it there. The EMP blast would then have destroyed the electronic systems of the Tetranode, essentially cutting off all Strogg units from the Makron and sending them into disarray.

Even though Rhino Squad's convoy made it to the Tetranode, their EMP bomb was destroyed by a Harvester, ruining the original plan and the beginning of the plan B by overloading the area with the hard way.


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