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SPOT is a modification for Quake made by Joe Faske. This modification is a total rework of FRIEND.

Impulse 55 allows the player to command their Monster or pet to "play dead". This will result in the Monster under the player's control being Gibbed; useful because Shamblers are not able to get through smaller doors. Note that Monsters will get out of the way of the player if pushed.

Impulse 56 allows the player to command their Monster to attack an opponent. The player must be looking at their opponent when this command is made. Just like in the original code, Monsters will automatically attack any Monster that attacks the player.

Impulse 57 allows the player to command their Monster to stop attacking and instead follow the player.

Monsters are now summoned via resurrection. This resurrected enemy is considered a "pet" (also known as Spot). Rottweilers require 25 HP, Grunts require 50 HP, Fiends require 90 HP, and Shamblers require 99 HP. This allows for a more balanced system of resurrection as opposed to the constant cost of 50 HP in the original FRIEND. Note pets do not carry over to different levels. Also note that standing on a corpse will result in it immediately Gibbing.

In Multiplayer, Monsters check for ownership. This modification fixed a glitch whereby Monsters would switch ownership on a player's death. Note that as this modification relies on Monsters existing to resurrect, meaning it will serve little to no purpose in Deathmatch without other mods. The author had a weak modem and thus was unable to easily test Deathmatch games.

Unlike FRIEND, the player can only have one "pet" at a time. While the code exists to change it, it is not recommended because the new commands will affect all Monsters. Furthermore, they tend to get in the player's way and each others', the latter resulting in frequent Infighting.

This modification requires the player to have the source code (JSUBS.QC) to GIBBIN3 as certain features requires a solid entity. Note that the latter means the corpses of Monsters are seen as secondary instances, resulting in Monsters being commanded to attack corpses if they are closer to the player's line of sight. This is especially problematic with Grunts, Monsters can only destroy the corpses with melee attacks and thus the Grunt is limited to ignoring orders if a corpse is between the player and their opponent.

There is a glitch in this modification whereby the player can get a frag for killing their own Monster.

To install this modification, the player must use a .PAT file with PATCH. However, like the earlier FRIEND, there is a custom .QC file that is needed for this file to run called llsubs.qc. As such is not included with the .PAT file, and the installation can not complete without the custom file, this means that this modification is unable to be installed.