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The Machine is the Hub map of Dimension of the Machine. In this map, you will find the entrances to all of the expansions' Realms and their levels:

  1. The Realm of Machinists:
    1. MGE1M1: The Pain Drain
    2. MGE1M2: The Wishing Well
    3. MGE1M3: Sandy's Room
  2. The Realm of Blacksmiths:
    1. MGE2M1: Acid Sanctuary
    2. MGE2M2: Fading Embers
  3. The Realm of Stonemasons:
    1. MGE3M1: Down the Waste
    2. MGE3M2: Hell or Dark Water
  4. The Realm of Cultists:
    1. MGE4M1: Grave Machine
    2. MGE4M2: A Grave Mistake
  5. The Realm of Astrologers:
    1. MGE5M1: Nazard Terminal
    2. MGE5M2: Too Deep, Too Greedy

Once the Rune of each of these Realms has been discovered, the portal that leads to MGEND: Chthon's Vengeance will be unlocked.

As is symbolic of the Quake games, once you finish one episode/realm, you will be sent back here and will have your inventory reset back to default: Shotgun (Q1) with 25 Shells, Axe, and 100 Health (50 if playing on Nightmare difficulty).