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Scott Voss
Biographical information



Mars Colony, Kingsland


Killed by Matthew Kane

Physical description





5'10" (177.8 cm)


170 lbs. (77.11 kg)

Additional information

S.M.C., Rhino Squad

  • He was Stroggified, therefore become a Strogg

Lieutenant Scott Voss was the initial commanding officer of Rhino Squad during the human assault on Stroggos.


After the death of its former commander, Lieutenant Daily, Rhino squad wasn't sure it would ever find someone capable of leading it. Then the squad met Lieutenant Scott Voss. He epitomizes the old saying, "It's not so much the size of the dog in the fight as it is the size of the fight in the dog." He's not physically large or overtly demanding, but there is something about his demeanor that demands respect from even the most reckless Marine. Rhino squad knows very little about Voss because he never speaks of his past. But were he to talk, they would hear tales of the horrors he endured after being captured during the Mars riots. He was tortured for six months before being freed; he still suffers nightmares and is highly claustrophobic after having been placed in a coffin and buried for days at a time. Voss knows Rhino squad questions his reasoning for bringing Matthew Kane into the group. But Voss has a sneaking suspicion this new guy just might prove to be Rhino squad's most valuable asset in its battle against the Strogg.

Voss is captured in the Strogg Medical Facility by a Tactical Transfer after being cut off from the rest of the squad by a section cave in, damaging his communication system. He is later encountered, stroggified, in the Waste Processing Facility as the facility's guardian. He is able to warn Kane to run just before the chip takes control and forces Kane to fight and destroy him in order to escape the facility with some other surviving marines to a waiting drop ship.


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  • Lt. Voss is the only known character in game (excluding Matthew Kane's physical Stroggification) to be stroggified, he is also the first boss type enemy encountered on foot (except Makron).
  • At the beginning of the game, he mentioned the outcome of Quake 2.


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