All secrets in Quake are indicated by clues. Don't waste your time hacking at every wall. It's much more productive (and fun) to use your brain and your eyes. Look up. An angled texture, a light shining under a wall, a strange sound -- anything -- might be the clue. Something prominent in a room might be decoration ... or it might be the clue.

—Quake Manual

Secrets are special areas in Quake that are not accessible by straightforward means. Secrets contain valuable items such as Ammo, Weapons, Powerups, or even Level Exits to unique maps called "Secret Levels". Secrets can be identified by dissimilarities that disrupt patterns in a level. For example, in E1M1: the Slipgate Complex, there exists a row of lights illuminating identical textures on the right side of the first corridor, but it is unusual as one of the textures is different due to being illuminated by a blinking light instead of a constant one. Hitting the dissimilar texture will cause it to open, revealing a cache of Shells. A message will appear and a sound effect will play every time a Secret has been found. Every level has a counter for the amount of Secrets that have been discovered by somebody.

Secrets are inherited from id Software’s previous titles; notably, Doom and the earlier Wolfenstein 3D. New features such as freelook and jumping lead to new ideas for Secrets.



In total, Quake has 113 Secrets.

Episode 1: Dimension of the Doomed

Episode 2: The Realm of Black Magic

Episode 3: The Netherworld

Episode 4: The Elder World

Final Level