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seeker is a modification made by Dan Gelb (Raven) on July 29, 1996. Thios modification changes the Thunderbolt into a seeker.

Note that the seeker will only fire if there is a visible target (visible to the Weapon, it will fire even if the player's back is to the target); it will do nothing if no opponents are present. Furthermore, this Weapon can only fire at other players, meaning that it is only useful in Deathmatch. It will only target other players in Cooperative (it does not differentiate teammates) and will result in a Thunderbolt that can never be fired in Single Player.

The seeker itself functions and appears identical to a Vore projectile. It will attempt to target what is closest to the attacking player when fired. While the author intended to prevent the player from spamming shots by causing a delay, he only succeeded in making the initial shot slow to respond. Further shots can be fired in extremely rapid succession (it is quite easy to fire multiple by accident), making players quite helpless against it in tight corridors. Each shot shall, however, consume 5 Cells.

Note that the seekers work globally. This means if any player fires a seeker at a different target, all currently active seekers will go after said new target. Note that a seeker will not fire if the opponent has a Ring of Shadows.


Firing a seeker
A seeker exploding

Custom Death Messages

  • "Player" can't dodge "Attacker"'s seeker - Killed by seeker
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