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Shove off! is a modification for Quake made by Steve Bond on August 2, 1996. This modification is made entirely for Deathmatch and will not properely work with anything beyond another player. Note that players can push Monsters, but it will just stun them.

By pressing the key for impulse 20, the player can shove another player. This is useful for Game Modes with teamplay in particular, since a teammate might pin someone in a corner or block a doorway. If friendly fire is on, the player will have no way of getting out of such a situation. With the addition of this modification, a player can shove them out of the way without causing any damage. This modification is also useful for pushing other players into Hazards. If timed correctly in Cooperative games with a running jump on the pushed player's part, this can also be useful to push players through the air to cross a distance they couldn't reach on their own.

This push is caused by the player creating a small invisible explosion that causes no damage and makes no noise. It ignores the player that triggers the explosion, instead affecting the players around them. Note that this design means that anyone within a certain radius shall be affected by the push, even if the player's back is to the other player when they push. This also means multiple people can be pushed at the same time.