Shrak (branded as: Shrak for Quake) is an unofficial commercial total conversion mod developed for id Software's Quake by Quantum Axcess. It was released on January 30, 1997.

Being a total conversion, it features completely new story, levels, weapons, and enemies. Shrak is unique in that it uses some of Quake's original textures by patching them into it's pak file on first install using it's included ST.EXE. Because of this, properly playing it in modern ports requires running said program in a DOS emulator (such as DOSBox) or using a fan made mini-patch available here.


Humanity has lost control over Earth... Mutants that were created during last conflicts, have completely gotten out of control. Humans were forced to flee from the planet and watch as their home was overrun by mutants and the ones, who joined them...

Soon situation became even more dire. Unorganized mutant actions became organized: someone or something named "Shrak" have united them and started rebuilding Earth as a gigantic military base.

You were sent back to Earth in order to reveal the mystery about "Shrak" and report it back: this should help to keep things contained on Earth...

Except that your ship have crashed and will not fly back anytime soon.


The game features a hub level from which you depart to different levels and to which you may return after completing them.

List of levels:


Here is a list of entities you will be forced to deal with. Mutants and humans, who were left on planet and joined Shrak's side in order to survive.

List of monsters:

  • Zed (ogre-like brute with Double-Barrelled Shotgun)
  • Firecrawler (giant maggot that spits fireballs)
  • Ohmi (human with weak blaster)
  • Viscor (two-headed berserker with devastating melee attack)
  • Strike (floating eye that can be dangerous even after death)
  • Rukasriot (heavily armed and armored human)
  • Lightsear (a rather humanoid-like scorpion beast with long-ranged electric attack)
  • Gorok (grenade-spitting spider)

List of bosses:


Game doesn't have weapons that don't use ammo, so be economical!

List of weapons:

  • Utility Vest (contains flares, proximity mines, and grappling hooks)
  • Proton Laser (a rather inaccurate semi-automatic laser rifle, your starting weapon)
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun (almost identical to its Quake's counterpart)
  • Uzi (rapid-fire weapon that almost as powerful as a Super Nailgun)
  • Friend Maker (short-ranged energy blast that forces affected enemy to attack other monsters)
  • Inflator (shoots gas darts that tear enemies from within)
  • Rocker Launcher (very similar to its Quake's counterpart)
  • HFB 9000 (shoot out a ball that makes enemies bounce themselves to death)

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