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Private First Class



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S.M.C., Raven Squad


White 1

Stay quiet or the Strogg will hear us.

—PFC Singer

Private First Class Singer is a member of Raven Squad. He is one of the few Marines that make appearances in different levels. He is first seen in the MCC Landing Site signaling to Corporal Kane. As you do, the cannon is detonated. While Pvt. Law tells you to accompany him to the LZ, PFC Singer stays behind. Later on, his second encounter is outside the control room where Lt. Voss and Technician Strauss are in Perimeter Defense Station. This time, he accompanies you (As ordered by Strauss and Voss) down to where the Engineering Team is and hangs around to watch over Sub-Entrance 1 with Pvt. Rodriguez. His fate during the Strogg attack on the Station is unknown as PFC Singer is not seen again in the game.

Appearances: MCC Landing Site, Perimeter Defense Station.


  • Singer has two unique sentences: "We're in enemy territory now. Keep quiet." and "Let's go. Those engineers in sub-entrance 1 are waiting for us."
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