P slash
Biographical information
Physical description



6'3" (1.91 m) (With blades)[1]


145 lbs. (66 kg)[1]


BFG10K, Rocket Launcher

Additional information

Enhanced Human[1]


Slash appears in and is a playable character in Quake 3 Arena. She is an enemy warrior in Tier 3 in the singleplayer mode of Quake 3 Arena.

Despite her tiny frame she loves big weapons, like the Rocket Launcher and the BFG10K. If you lose sight of that cybronic rat, she probably just headed to the BFG10K or Quad Damage room. If she can't find the Rocket Launcher or the BFG10K, she prefers the Shotgun instead.

At higher difficulties she will get lightning fast reflexes and become pretty accurate, which makes her deadlier than other bots with her obsession of acquiring the BFG before anyone can.

Her other names in chat lines are; "Roller Girl", "Roller Queen", "Pipsqueakk", "Cutie Honey", and "Blade Lady".

Quake III BiographyEdit

A young force-blade punk from the streets of Los Angeles, Slash became a test bed for the hottest cybronic implants, turning her into a barely-contained bundle of energy.

She is fast, nervous and deadly. Her slender frame is heavily cyborged. She moves around on force skates with glowing blades. She is very competitive and quickly displays her skills when challenged, showing you why she's earned the title of Dragon Blade.[1]


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