Sp armor small +50ap
Small Armor
Damage Absorption

50 ap

Found in

In Quake 4, Small Armor is a type of armor designed by the Marines. It gives the player 50 armor points and absorbs 2/3 of an attack. During the second raid on the Nexus, an orange, Strogg-designed variant of the Small Armor can be found lying around. It replaces the Marine design for most of the raid, but is functionally the same as the Marine one.

Small Armor can stack with Large Armor.


Always pick up a Small Armor if you have the chance. While 50 armor points may not seem like much, it'll be able enough to protect you from one or two strong attacks, which can make the difference in a battle, the small armor in multiplayer is the yellow one. In single player, Small Armor can help keep you from getting instant killed by enemy guided missile or dark matter balls.

Small Armors are somewhat common, much more common than its large counterpart, so get used to seeing them. It have also Strogg variant version after you have Stroggification

Sometimes Small Armor is used as directing tool, players will find them in important paths.

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