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Smart Weapon Patch is a modification for Quake made by SoniC on September 1, 1996. This modification is primarily a compilation of other mods (slightly modified).


  • Impulse 9 - LaserGun. Has been modified to get rid of an Ammo counter bug if they ran out of Ammo. Also made it so that the Enforcer can drop a LaserGun instead of requiring the player to use a cheat.
  • Impulse 10 - Sniper Rifle. Added a silencer mechanic for stealth gameplay. Part of the player's initial loadout with 10 Nails to allow for an initial shot. Has been modified to get rid of an Ammo counter bug if they ran out of Ammo.
  • Impulse 13 - Quick Rocket Launcher. Allows the player to fire a Rocket Launcher if they have a Rocket. Instead of toggling to the Weapon, however, it will just fire a Rocket and switch back to the Weapon the player was previously holding.
  • Impulse 14 - Normal Weapon Cycle. Originally Impulse 10, switches the player to the next weapon.
  • Impulse 15 - Smart Weapon Cycle. A unique feature to this modification, this will attempt to cycle through the player's Weapons like a normal next weapon cycle would. The difference is that it will attempt to intelligently provide only the choices the player would want, meaning the more powerful variants of each Weapon (Double-Barrelled Shotgun instead of Shotgun and Super Nailgun instead of Nailgun) if they have them, while only providing access to the lower-tier version if they lack said other Weapon. The player will also cycle to the lower tier instead of the higher tier if they have a low amount of Ammo (10 Shells or 60 Nails). As long as the player has Ammo for a non-explosive Weapon, the toggle will also ignore the Axe.
  • Impulse 16 - Flares from Quake Flares. Made it so that a Flare now consumes a Cell, but also gave the player 10 Cells on their initial loadout.
  • Impulse 17 - Originally Impulse 9, used to give the player all Weapons.