Sorlag from Quake III Arena was confirmed to be a playable character in Quake Champions.[1]


Her clan harvested the most warmbloods. They gorged themselves and had flesh-stock left over. Many credited the Haruspex, who could open terrifying windows to the Other Place using the warmbloods streaming guts.

As their best hunter, Sorlag credited herself. She would expose them by using a warmblood's forcefield device to spill his "Sacred" bowel-bowl

Morning came, the ritual began, and all the saw the Other Place-dark, metal, cold. Sorlag leapt with the device. But her claws crossed the window. She saw the bowl topple as she was pulled in, screeching.


Start Max
Health (QC)
125 100
Armor (QC)
100 150
Speed (QC)
300 680


Active: Acid Spit- Sorlag does an area-of-effect acid attack. It does 10 damage per second and can blind an opponent if hit directly. Try to use automatic weapons with this ability to quickly chip away health.

Passive: Bunnyhop- Aircontrol allows Sorlag to change directions while in midair, which CPMA and Quakeworld players will be familiar with.

Passive: Acid Fiend- She is resistant to enemy Sorlag acid attacks.



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