Spike Mine
Spike Mine


Attack Damage

Explosion (200)

Found in

Scourge of Armagon


Floating mines of flesh and steel that wander the levels and unleash a devastating shower of spikes when in proximity of a player. If you keep your eyes on the mine they will charge at you slower, but turn your back and they will destroy you. Use the spike mines to your advantage by leading them into other creatures.

Scourge of Armagon Manual

Floating mines that wander aimlessly through the level and unleash a devastating shower of spikes when it comes near a player.

Activision’s official website

The Spike Mine is an Enemy introduced in Scourge of Armagon. It appears to be a fleshy floating ball with spikes on it. They are rarely encountered, but are very dangerous. Spike Mines will be found floating in midair, normally out of sight in a corner or behind door. As soon as the player comes into view, they will fly at him/her. If the player does not see the Spike Mine, it will charge at the player slightly faster. If the player watches one, it will slow down as if to say "Don't worry about me."

First time players will almost certainly get caught out by a few Spike Mines, and due to the power they punch, this will result in a few unavoidable deaths.


  • Spike Mines will instantly detonate on contact with a wall or creature and can't avoid corners like Vore's pods. Simply hiding behind a corner will be enough to get rid of one (because mine will stop shortly after it loses sight of you, you need to wait until it is close and then hide).
  • Moving Spike Mines emanate faint, but certainly distinguishable sound. Listen to your surroundings, and it will warn you about incoming danger.
  • Spike Mines are partially immune to explosives. However, one Nailgun shot will immediately destroy it. So, if you see a bunch of Spike Mines, get your Nailgun (or Super Nailgun) ready and open fire.
  • Sometimes, they appear out of nowhere while you are busy fighting other demons. If so, try to spot them as fast as you can, fire a few nails, and then go back to fighting other creatures.
  • The Spike Mine is one of the only five enemies (along with Vore, Wrath, Shambler, and Spawn's death explosion) that are capable of gibbing Zombies, usually with its explosion.
  • The skillful player can use the Spike Mines to eliminate other enemies.


Spike Mine generates toward the player
Spike Mine exploding on contact


Death MessagesEdit

  • "Player" was blasted by a spike mine
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