Strogg & Peeker combined are a playable character in Quake Champions. The Strogg are a race of cybernetic beings from Quake II and Quake 4 .

Bio Edit

They remember when all Strogg received the same order: to harvest the lone human before he reached the Slipgate. But they failed. All Strogg failed.

At the instant the human destroyed the Slipgate, the infiltrator was just a dozen paces behind, preparing to strike. But then a blast of crimson light ungulfed it and all went dark. When it regained function, the infiltrator concluded that it was seeing its surroundings through its malfunctioning drone. But that conclusion was incorrect.

Now there is no order-only foes of the Strogg.

Statistics Edit

Start Max
Health (QC)
125 100
Armor (QC)
50 100
Speed (QC)


Active: Drone Strike. Strogg enters a camouflaged state and deploys his drone. He assume control of the drone, which can fly around and fire at players. Using ability again causes the drone to launch forward like a rocket and explode.

Passive: Stroyent Cell. Strogg can gather Stroyent capsules from the corpses of his victims that heal his wounds.

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