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For the weapon in Quake Champions see Super Nailgun (QC)

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The great equalizer. Four cyclic barrels that hose out spikes like crazy. Pro: foes drop like flies. Con: eats ammo like popcorn.

Quake Manual

The Super Nailgun, also known as the Supernailgun, "SNG" or the "Perforator", is an improvement upon the original Nailgun. It consumes two Nails with each shot, meaning that you can fire it 100 times (with max ammo) before you run out of ammo. While this may seem like a downfall, the silver Nail from a Super Nailgun does the same damage as two Nails fired from the Nailgun.

If somebody only has only one Nail when they fire the Super Nailgun, it shall sound exactly like the Nailgun and the projectile will deal the same damage as the normal Nailgun's. One does not simply switch to the Super Nailgun if one only has a single Nail.

The Super Nailgun makes its first appearance at E1M4: The Grisly Grotto, inside one of the submerged buildings.


Single Player

  • In Single Player, the Super Nailgun is so powerful that it can kill a Shambler with 68 Nails. In addition, its accuracy makes it an ideal Weapon for taking out enemies that are at long-range. As with the NG, the only downside is that Nail ammo pickups don't contain a lot of Nails. However, conservative use of the SNG can make it so that you don't run out of ammunition.


  • Although significantly more powerful, the Super Nailgun can be used much like its predecessor; however, because it fires Nails straight down the center instead of from the left and right, it can be somewhat easier to aim.
  • Because of the damage it does, it can be a potent weapon if used correctly. Remember to Circle Strafe your foe as they're closing in and you should do some good damage.
  • The only drawback of SNG is very fast ammo consumption - it can eat all your Nail ammunition in only 10 seconds.



  • Deals twice as much damage as the Nailgun
  • Rate of fire is the same as the Nailgun
  • Very accurate
  • Foes drop like flies


  • Consumes 2 Nails per shot (Can empty full Nail reserve of 200 in 10 seconds)
  • Projectiles take time to reach the opponent, making it less useful against faster Enemies
  • Ammo boxes are relatively uncommon
  • Eats ammo like popcorn

Death Messages

  • "Player" was punctured by "Attacker"


Super Nailgun being fired
Super Nailgun projectile colliding with a solid surface



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