For the weapon in Quake see Super Nailgun

Overview Edit

Boasting the highest rate of damage of all weapons in the Arena, the Super Nailgun is also the hardest to use. As with the Nailgun, predicting your enemy’s movements is the only way to maximize your damage output. Treat the Super Nailgun with respect, as it will also penetrate armor and drain your health faster than other weapons.

—Quake Champions Overview

The Super Nailgun also abbreviated as "SNG" is a projectile weapon that fires Nails at a high rate of fire, It is one of the hardest to master weapons in the game but it can deal lots of damage if used correctly.

The Nails fired from the weapon will also deal small Splash Damage, which can be used to Nail Climb.

Strategy Edit

  • Remember to use the SNG in close quarters to maximize the chances of hitting your opponent.
  • Try to predict where you enemy goes, this is the key for maximum efficiency with this gun.
  • When fighting against somebody with a SNG try to move erratically to confuse your opponent, if you stand still there is serious risk of getting killed.
  • Nails have splash damage and knockback, so you can use them to nailjump and nailclimb.
  • it is not recommended to circle-strafe, due to the fast paced nature of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a returning weapon from the original Quake, like the predecessor it fires Nails at a high rate of fire similar to a Machinegun.
  • Stats are nearly identical to the Quake Live Plasma Gun.

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