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If you feel the enemy is close to death, consider switching to the Super Shotgun to finish them off. Dealing out high damage at close range may be easier than trying to hit a rocket on someone running away, or taking a risky Railgun shot. Knowing your enemy’s health and armor is critical to successful use of the Super Shotgun.

—Quake Champions Overview

The Super Shotgun "SSG" is a weapon in Quake Champions The SSG is a Double-Barreled Shotgun that can deal higher damage than the normal Shotgun, the SSG can deal max 140 points of damage to the target. It has a medium fire rate.

It fires 28 pellets in total: one center pellet and three rings of 9 pellets.

Strategy Edit

  • The SSG is best used on opponents with low health.
  • The SSG can also be used to finish off enemies in mid-air after being hit by a Rocket.
  • It is recommended to use it in close range due to the spread of the weapon, however it can be also used at medium Range. you still need to be accurate at close range to land hits.

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Quake Champions - Weapons Demo Video - Super ShotGun

Quake Champions - Weapons Demo Video - Super ShotGun