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TERRORIST WEAPONS is a modification made by Ted_Koppel and swelsh. This modification primarily features mechanics for "a power hungry terrorist" that is "demanding all your weapons and ammo in exchange for your life".

The Thunderbolt now is vampiric. This means it gives the player an equal amount of health that it drains from a foe. However, if a player goes above 250 health, the Thunderbolt will overload. This means the player will drop to 25 health and all Cells will be gone.


  • Impulse 20 - Drops a Backpack with up to 20 Ammo of all types except Rockets, which only drop 10. As it drops on the player, however, it is entirely useless as the player will just pick it up once more.
  • Impulse 21 - Drops a Backpack identical to Impulse 20, but with all Ammo. Just as useless due to similar issues.
  • Impulse 61 - If the player has a Rocket, this will throw a pipebomb. A pipebomb works similar to a grenade, except it does not make a noise when fired and waits for player input before it will explode. It will also stick to opponents, rapidly flickering with an unnatural light and displaying a message that an opponent was tagged. Note there is a bug that causes player death to cause the pipebomb to disable. Furthermore, the player can endlessly spam these due to nothing slowing it down but the player's ability to press the button.
  • Impulse 62 - Detonates all pipebombs in the level.
  • Impulse 63 - Deactivates all pipebombs in the level. Useful for blackmailing foes or just to show mercy. Also useful to prevent friendly-fire in teamplay.