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A camera viewing a Shambler attacking a Spawn while Ranger runs away

THE BARELY CREDIBLE CAMERA PATCH is a modification for Quake made by Nezu the Unworthy. This modification adds two impulses, impulse 240 and impulse 242. Pressing a button assigned to impulse 242 shall allow the player to cycle through Shell boxes and Deathmatch starts on a map and use them as improvised cameras. Pressing impulse 240 allows the player to see the world from their own perspective once more. This mod is mostly intended for Deathmatch games, while Single Player exists, the developer admits the experience is lackluster.

Impulse 240 can also be used to make any entity in the world into an improvised camera, the player just needs to aim at what they desire to see through the eyes of and press the button. Similar to impulse 242, pressing impulse 240 again will allow the player to switch back to their regular perspective. It is not recommended to use this for Monsters due to how slow and mechanical their movements are.

While the view angle changes, the player still remains the same, meaning they can turn the camera as needed. The current Weapon shall remain on the screen. The player can still be injured if Ranger is attacked, plus the player can still move independently from the camera (though due to how the game works, the player will always be seen from the back side).