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THE SPECIALIST QUAKE KIT is a modification for Quake made by Jeremy Likness. This modification adds a few impulse keys to use grenade projectiles with less bouncy mechanics than the Grenade Launcher (and will not make a sound on being fired). This allows for accurate placement in corners and other ambush locations. These projectiles are proximity based, exploding if the opponent gets too close, while at the same time not exploding if the player passes. Furthermore, both projectiles require 5 Rockets per use.

Impulse 20 is used to throw a trigger bomb. This projectile waits until it is triggered by some stimuli around it. This means that the trigger bomb is either directly touched by an opponent or is triggered by the player that fired the explosive. Impulse 21 immediately detonates all trigger bombs placed on the map, allowing the player to set up an area filled with trigger bombs for massive amounts of destruction.

Impulse 22 is used to throw a proximity bomb. This functions similar to the trigger bomb, but is not affected by an impulse 21 trigger. Furthermore, the proximity bomb does not require direct contact, instead exploding when the opponent is within the explosion radius of the projectile (a few feet).

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