In the Strategies section, we can read "As soon as you kill an enemy, gib its corpse before it can hit the ground. You need to be quick or the Medic will revive it". This is a HUGE overstatement. First of all, chances are that there is no Medic around to revive the corpse at light speed. Second, should one of them be on spot, it would be firing the player, not waiting for him to kill a strogg and then rush towards its body to revive it. Although gibbing stroggs may be a pleasure and/or recommendable in levels with Medics, there is absolutely no need to do it swftly. In fact, dead bodies could be used to lure a Medic and kill it while distracted/busy.

Therefore, I would delete that sentence from the Strategies section. And perhaps even add the last sentence of the paragraph above. ^^ Opinions?Sidious82 (talk) 21:00, February 1, 2020 (UTC)

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