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Tank Jr.
Biographical information
Physical description

none (Cyborg)


7'3" (2.21 m)[1]


1,700 lbs. (771 kg)[1]


Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun

Additional information

In Quake 3, there is a playable character called Tank Jr. Tank Jr. appears to be a downsized orange tank from Quake 2. It favors the Rocket Launcher and Lightning Gun. Its other names in chat include "Monstrosity", "Ironsides", "Gear-Face", "Stroggy-Boy" and "Cyborg Scum".

Quake III bio[]

Like Alexander, son of Phillip of Macedonia, Tank Jr. is the rightful heir to a kingdom carved out by conquerors like his sire, the Tank Commander from Stroggos. Descended from that dreaded and feared military leader fought and defeated during the Stroggos Wars, this machine of war possesses an innate desire to crush all foes beneath his metal-shod heel.[1]


  • It has been speculated that Tank Jr. is the offspring of the Tank and Iron Maidens seen at the end of Quake 2 (in the secret area) after facing off Makron himself.
  • TankJr is the only character in Quake 3 without an idle animation.


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