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TeamFortress is a modification for Quake by Robin Walker and John Cook. This modification is designed to completely change the nature of team Deathmatches by requiring teams to work together, each member on a team has their own features and thus a different use. Once a class is chosen, the player must remain as that class for the rest of the match.

On top of the normal Weapons in play, each player also has an inventory that is restocked every time they die. Furthermore, all weapons beyond the Nailgun and Super Nailgun have clips, which when spent must be reloaded. The player cannot fire or switch Weapons while reloading. Weaker Weapons, such as the Shotgun, reload much faster than the Rocket Launcher.

Teamplay is done through a unique module known as FortressTeams. This sets up to 4 different teams that the player can choose to be a part of by typing an alias. The first player in a team is the Team Leader; the color of the leader defines the color of the team. Note that a color already chosen cannot be used for a different team. All other players that join the team will in turn have their color changed to said team color. Players in a team cannot switch teams. Any color changes to their pants will result in a -1 frag penalty and announcement to all other players. Shirt colors can be changed freely.

One of the most noteworthy modifications for the original Quake, Valve hired Cook and Walker to port the modification to their GoldSrc engine. This led to Team Fortress Classic being created in 1999 and a sequel, Team Fortress 2, in 2007.

It is recommended for players to begin by defining "team fortresses", bases that each team is supposed to defend. One of the teams might be given the goal to invade the other team, while the other team is supposed to prevent the first team from obtaining the goal, such as completing a level.

Note that Max Health means standard health, not the health acquired with the 100 Health.


  • Impulse 1 - Used after a Pre-Impulse to scan for Enemies.
  • Impulse 2 - Used after a Pre-Impulse to scan for Friends.
  • Impulse 101 - Chooses the Scout class when Observer.
  • Impulse 102 - Chooses the Sniper class when Observer.
  • Impulse 103 - Chooses the Soldier class when Observer.
  • Impulse 104 - Chooses the Demolitions Man class when Observer.
  • Impulse 105 - Chooses the Combat Medic class when Observer.
  • Impulse 106 - Chooses the Heavy Weapons Guy class when Observer.
  • Impulse 107 - Chooses the Pyro class when Observer.
  • Impulse 200 - Next skin.
  • Impulse 201 - Previous skin.
  • Impulse 247 - Detonates all pipe bombs.
  • Impulse 248 - A Pre-Impulse for the Detpack. Must be used with another Impulse to specify the time until explosion.
  • Impulse 249 - A Pre-Impulse for the Scanner. Must be used with another Impulse which sets the amount of Cells desired to scan, more Cells being a further distance (up to a max of 50).
  • Impulse 250 - Throws the primmed grenade.
  • Impulse 251 - Prims the second grenade type in the inventory.
  • Impulse 252 - Prims the first grenade type in the inventory.
  • Impulse 253 - Lists the resources that a player has in their inventory. Also states the current team and color the player has selected.


Note that Aliases tend to be highly unreliable in Single Player.


  • helpme - Main help index.
  • generalhelp - General commands.
  • classhelp - Class commands.
  • weaponhelp - Weapon commands.
  • itemhelp - Item commands
  • skinhelp - Skin commands
  • teamhelp - Team commands.
  • togglehelp - Toggle commands.
  • preimphelp - Pre-Impulse help.
  • showpreimp - Lists the Pre-Impulses.
  • showimp - Lists all Impulses.


  • inv - Inventory.
  • showtf - Shows status of all toggles.
  • reload - Reloads current Weapon.

Class Changing

  • randompc - Random
  • scout - Scout
  • sniper - Sniper
  • soldier - Soldier
  • demoman - Demolitions Man
  • medic - Combat Medic
  • hwguy - Heavy Weapons Guy
  • pyro - Pyro


  • primeone - Primes the first grenade type.
  • primetwo - Primes the second grenade type.
  • throwgren - Throws the primed grenade.
  • detpipe - Detonates all pipebombs.


  • det5 - Sets detpack to 5 seconds.
  • det20 - Sets detpack to 20 seconds.
  • det250 - Sets detpack to 250 seconds.


  • scane - Toggles Enemy scanning on and off.
  • scanf - Toggles Friend scanning on and off.
  • scan10 - Scan with 10 Cells
  • scan50 - Scan with 50 Cells
  • scan250 - Scan with 250 Cells


  • nextskin - Next skin in MultiSkin.
  • prevskin - Previous skin in MultiSkin.
  • skin10 - Sets skin to the 10th option.
  • skin20 - Sets skin to the 20th option.


  • imin1 - Team 1.
  • imin2 - Team 2.
  • imin3 - Team 3.
  • imin4 - Team 4.
  • showscores - Shows team scores.


  • autozoom - Sniper Rifle Zooming - Turning this off prevents the Sniper Rifle from zooming when the player fires, instead attack will simply fire.
  • t_skin - MultiSkin/Classkin - Multiskin allows each player to choose the skin they desire. Classkin has it chosen for them based on the class. By default t_skin is set to Classkin.
  • t_classpersist - Class Persistence - Determines if players will keep the same class between levels or if they will be set back to Observer with each new level. Off by default.
  • t_cheatcheck - Cheat Checking - Checks the player's speed versus their class to attempt to determine if it has been tampered with. If it has, it kills the player and decreases them by -5 frags. This is notably unreliable, meaning that players can play for a bit before the cheat system will detect them violating the rules. Off by default.
  • t_fortressmap - FortressMap - Not recommended to be used, turns on the effects of a TeamFortress map in a level normally not designed for it. Can also be used to turn off TeamFortress map functionality to make it into a normal Deathmatch on levels designed for TeamFortress. Does not appear to do anything.
  • t_notoggle - NoToggle - Off by default; turning this on will lock all toggles so that they cannot be changed.
  • t_respawndelay - Respawn Delay - Sets the length of time a player must wait until they can respawn. Toggles between off, 5, 10, and 20 seconds. Off by default. This is primarily used for FortressTeams to prevent teams from killing themselves to respawn at their base quickly. Note that this does not appear to work, players can still respawn instantly with a 20 second delay set.
  • t_teamfrags - TeamFrags - Set to off by default. When on, each player shows the number of frags scored by their individual team. This allows a player to press Tab and easily see the scores.

Player Classes


  • Movement Speed - Cannot move
  • Max Health - 1 (Invulnerable)
  • Additional Features - The Observer class is what every player starts out as until they choose another class. This means this is also the only class that actively allows the player to switch to another class. Whilst being an Observer, players can change their viewing point by using the fire button, which will swap the player to the various Deathmatch spawn locations. Note that this also makes it possible to spawn inside another player when changing classes if they do not move from spawn.


  • Additional Features - Can be chosen instead of one of the classes below, allowing the player to randomly become a different class on every death.


    • 3 Flares: A flare behaves much like a Grenade projectile, but is entirely harmless. While appearing like a grenade when fired, it will quickly change to an entity that looks similar to an Enforcer projectile. After flickering for a few seconds, the flare will light up a wide radius for 14 seconds. After this period of time has expired, the flare shall cover a much smaller area for another 10 seconds, whereupon it will fully expire and disappear from the map. If a player fails to throw a flare, they will light themselves up, making it very easy for an opponent to target them.
    • 2 Concussion Grenades: A Concussion Grenade, unlike a regular Grenade, is harmless to opponents. They however have a wide splash radius that knocks people away from the explosion, plus causes them to get dizzy. This dizziness makes it nearly impossible to aim, thus allowing the Scout to quickly escape from an area filled with opponents.
    • Scanner: Uses Cells to scan for friends/enemies in a location. The Scanner must first be set up to either scan for friends or enemies, by default it will just state a message that scanning is disabled if attempted. Once properly set up, the player can use a pre-impulse for the scanner before setting the amount of Cells desired for a scan, with more being more powerful of a range. The Cells are consumed instantly and a report is given to the player about the searched entities around them, including the direction they are to the player. Note that this device only detects motion, which means that stationary or slow moving players will not be picked up by the Scanner.


  • Movement Speed - 300
  • Max Health - 90
  • Max Armor - 50 Green Armor
  • Weapons - Axe, Sniper Rifle, Nailgun
  • Starting Ammo - 60 Shells, 50 Nails
  • Max Ammo - 75 Shells, 75 Nails
  • Inventory
    • 2 Hand Grenades: A Hand Grenade is a device that is primed, which releases the pin, before being thrown. They have a three second timer, meaning they must be thrown quickly after primed. A Grenade behaves exactly like the projectile fired from a Grenade Launcher, except that it is twice as powerful.



Demolitions Man

  • Movement Speed - 300
  • Max Health - 90
  • Max Armor - 100 Yellow Armor
  • Weapons - Axe, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher (Standard and Pipe Bomb)
  • Starting Ammo - 30 Shells, 20 Rockets
  • Max Ammo - 75 Shells, 50 Rockets
  • Inventory
    • 6 Hand Grenades
    • 4 Mirv Grenades: A Mirv Grenade appears similar to a standard Grenade when fired, except that instead of stopping when the first Grenade explodes, it separates into 15 more Grenades. These Grenades therefore are extremely lethal when thrown in a room.
    • 1 Detpack: A Detpack is an extremely powerful explosive device that appears to be a Backpack that cannot be picked up. The Demolitions Man specifies a length of time that they wish the Detpack to explode after, then will take a moment placing the Detpack. After the explosives are set, the player has as long specified to reach safety (anywhere out of visible range). At the end of the allotted time, anything seen by the Detpack will be instantly killed. The only class that can remove a Detpack from play is the Scout, who is able to walk over it to snuff out its fuse.

Combat Medic

  • Movement Speed - 300
  • Max Health - 90
  • Max Armor - 150 Yellow Armor
  • Weapons - Axe (Medikit and BioWeapon), Shotgun, Double-Barrelled Shotgun, Super Nailgun
  • Starting Ammo - 50 Shells, 50 Nails
  • Max Ammo - 75 Shells, 100 Nails
  • Inventory
    • 3 Hand Grenades
    • 2 Concussion Grenades
    • Medikit: 15 Health and 25 Health are used to supply "Ammo" for the Medikit up to a maximum of 100 when the Combat Medic has full health (otherwise it is used to restore their lost health). By using the Axe, the Combat Medic can heal other members of the same team (it does not work on members of an opposing team). Every strike costs 10 Health and will supply 10 Health to a teammate. The Medikit will also cure the infection given to a target player by the BioWeapon.
  • Additional Features - The Combat Medic can regenerate 5 Health every 5 seconds in addition to the normal methods of healing. The Axe has been given an additional BioWeapon mode. Any opponent hit with the BioWeapon Axe will become infected, meaning that they continually lose 5 health every 2 seconds. Infected players can also spread the disease by bumping into other players. Note that various healing forms, such as 15 Health or 25 Health, are supposed to remove infection from an infected player. Note however that infected players will continue to get injured. The only two methods for infected players to be cured is to be hit with the Medikit by a Combat Medic on their team or to find a 100 Health. The BioWeapon does not affect other Combat Medics. Note that a 100 Health will take one more hit before registering, plus does not give any health to a diseased player.

Heavy Weapons Guy



  • Movement Speed - 300
  • Max Health - 100
  • Max Armor - 200 Red Armor
  • Weapons - Axe, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Incendiary Cannon
  • Max Ammo - 20 Shells, 6 Rockets, 120 Cells
  • Max Ammo - 40 Shells, 12 Rockets, 200 Cells
  • Inventory
    • 1 Hand Grenade
    • 4 Napalm Grenades: These behave much like a Flamethrower, except that they are grenade projectiles. When they land, they break apart into a cluster of fire projectiles that set anything that touches them on fire.
  • Additional Features - The Pyro has Asbestos Armor by default instead of Normal Armor. Note that picking up any sort of Armor will remove the Asbestos Armor, plus taking damage will also remove it. Asbestos Armor is heavily resistant to fire, meaning it is very unlikely that a Pyro will get set on fire while protected.

Additional Gameplay Changes

New Obituaries


  • "Player" surfs on a grenade from "Attacker" (Killed by Hand Grenade)
  • "Player" gets flayed by "Attacker"'s nail grenade (Killed by Nail Grenade)
  • "Player" gets spammed by "Attacker"'s Mirv grenade (Killed by Mirv Grenade)
  • "Player" is fried by "Attacker"'s fire (Killed by Napalm Grenade)
  • "Player" reaches orbit via "Attacker"'s detpack (Killed by Detpack)
  • "Player" dies from "Attacker"'s mysterious tropical disease (Killed by disease that came from BioWeapon Axe)
  • "Player" escapes infection from "Attacker"by dying first (Killed by BioWeapon Axe itself)


  • No "Player", throw the grenade, not the pin! (Grenade primed but not thrown)
  • "Player" grenades themself (Suicide by Hand Grenade)
  • "Player" hammers himself (Suicide by Nail Grenade; only appears if player dies by grenade explosion)
  • "Player" goes to pieces (Suicide by Mirv Grenade)
  • "Player" set the detpack and forgot to run (Suicide by Detpack)
  • "Player" torches himself (Suicide by fire)





See Category:TeamFortress levels

Version History

1.3 - October 31, 1996

  • The modification is now closed-source. The reason this was done was due to the massive number of changes to the vanilla code, which made it unfeasable for this to be used in combination with any other patches.
  • Monsters are now disabled from the game, even in Single Player.
  • Added the Pyro class.
  • Added a custom Console background.
  • Added custom Help menu.
  • Added custom skins for each class to work with Classkin.
  • Custom model made for Hand Grenades.
  • Custom texture for the Combat Medic's Axe variants, the BioWeapon and the Medikit.
  • Armor avalibility is now shown in Inventory.
  • Weapons now temporarily disappear when the player walks on top of them.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could indefinitely pick up Nailguns and Super Nailguns.
  • Scout can only carry 50 Nails.
  • Scouts no longer hold Hand Grenades. Instead they use Flares, which are new to 1.3.
  • Scouts now move at a speed of 550 instead of 600.
  • The Sniper now starts with 60 Shells instead of 50, can only hold a maximum of 75 Nails instead of 100.
  • The Soldier no longer spawns with 50 Cells or 100 Nails. The Solider can only obtain a maximum of 20 Cells.
  • The Soldier no longer has access to the Super Nailgun.
  • The Soldier now has 5 Hand Grenades and 1 Nail Grenade instead of 4 of each.
  • The Heavy Weapons Guy now starts with 24 Cells instead of 20.
  • The Heavy Weapons Guy now has a speed of 200 instead of 150, meaning it is as fast as a Soldier instead of being the slowest class.
  • Fixed display issue in regards to Mirv Grenades. Previously it would state the player had more than they really had.
  • Armor is now referred to as "Normal Armor". This is due to the addition of Asbestos Armor, a special feature of the Pyro class.
  • The Sniper Rifle can be fired even when moving.
  • The Sniper Rifle now has a reloading time of 2.5 instead of 3, meaning it is quicker to swap Weapons or fire again.
  • The Sniper Rifle now has a new zoom mechanic. The longer the player holds the button down, the more damage they will cause. This comes with a custom model for a crosshair. This can be disabled with "autozoom".
  • The Sniper Rifle rapid fire now causes 8 damage instead of 4.
  • Added reloading sound to the Sniper Rifle, though it was unused.
  • The Assault Cannon now does 20 damage instead of 15.
  • The Assault Cannon now only costs 4 Cells at startup instead of 10.
  • Added obituary in the event the player died to the BioWeapon as opposed to the disease.
  • Added alias to manually reload a Weapon.
  • Added toggle for TeamFrags.
  • Added toggle for NoToggle.
  • Totally rewrote the mapping code.
  • There is now a 10 second delay before the player can respawn if they commit suicide by using the kill command.

1.21 - September 17, 1996

  • Fixed broken Deathmatch spawns.
  • Detpack no longer crashes the server and instead functions properly.
  • Fixed a bug related the the Assault Cannon and Backpacks.
  • Monsters can now be affected by the BioWeapon.
  • Removed "cured" message appearing on 100 Health when player is not affected with an illness.
  • 100 Health now cures a player with an infection at the cost of not providing any health.
  • Fixed Medikit failing to precache if no healing existed elsewhere on the map.

1.2 - September 11, 1996

  • Added aliases showtf, togglehelp, teamhelp, and showscores.
  • Added toggle t_respawndelay.
  • Added Random class.
  • Added BioWeapon mode to the Axe for the Combat Medic. This in turn means they no longer have the normal Axe mode, nor does it automatically detect opponents versus teammates.
  • Expanded the documentation on maps designed specifically for TeamFortress, previously it was a small placeholder.
  • All color change frag penalties are now -1. Previously further attempts would have led to -2.
  • The default Undefined class has become the Observer class. Removed the Axe, instead players can now cycle through Deathmatch spawn locations.
  • Players can no longer Telefrag one another. Players that try just get sent back to their spawn location.
  • Added a warning for Single Player, stating that Aliases tend to not work in said mode.
  • helpme alias now works.
  • The Max Ammo for Classes is no longer their starting Ammo.
  • Made Concussion Grenades somewhat less powerful.
  • Scout no longer can carry Double-Barrelled Shotgun.
  • Scout can only carry 100 Nails. Also decreased Concussion Grenades to 2 from 4.
  • Soldier no longer has the Nailgun.
  • Added 2 Mirv Grenades to the Demolitions Man, leading to a total of 6.
  • Increased Max Armor of Heavy Weapons Guy from 200 to 300.
  • The Detpack now crashes the server when trying to use it, making this an unstable release.
  • The Combat Medic now can heal using 15 Health and 25 Health if their health is not maxed out.
  • The Heavy Weapons Guy can no longer hold the Nailgun, but still has a glitch where it is the default Weapon.
  • The Heavy Weapons Guy now only has 200 Red Armor instead of 300.
  • The Heavy Weapons Guy now has 4 Mirv Grenades instead of 1.
  • Fixed a bug where the Heavy Weapons Guy could pick up Rocket Launchers even though it could not be used.
  • Made the Assault Cannon only half as powerful, causing 15 damage per shot instead of 30.
  • Deathmatch spawns have been broken, players now always appear at the same locations. This can cause a server to lag and crash if two players spawn at the same location, since players will continually try to go back to spawn due to the Telefrag avoidance system.
  • Armor is no longer affected by drowning.
  • Splash Damage injures the player in teamplay.
  • Cleanup and minor bug fixes.

1.1 - August 31, 1996

  • Additional documentation was included instructing the player on how to make maps designed specifically for TeamFortress. The first exclusive map was nearly designed by this point and would be hosted, along with any other levels designed just for TeamFortress, on the website.
  • The player can now have "Always run" turned on. The previous detection system is now known as Cheat Detection and does not focus on Always Run; most classes now are running.
  • Added a new class, the "Heavy Weapons Guy".
  • The player is now unable to move when Undefined, even with "always run" on.
  • Player speed is now no longer reported when changing classes.
  • Undefined players are now invulnerable.
  • Team and color are now included in the inventory.
  • Added aliases for the scanner. The scanner also now can find the direction of an opponent.
  • The Scout can now snuff out Detpacks.
  • The Detpack now has a timer displaying the final ten second countdown.
  • Instead of impulses, the player now is expected to enter aliases. While many of the functions from 1.0 remain, the main focus is now on binding things through alias functions.
  • Got rid of Impulse 254, which would list all Impulses, and replaced it with a more involved help section.
  • MultiSkin support is included; not having this will result in error messages appearing about invalid skins.
  • Added additional toggles for further options.
  • Added FortressTeams.
  • Includes a value IS_NET_SERVER, which can be turned on before compiling to load the server without needing external resources.
  • Fixed an issue where the Detpack would spawn two instances.
  • Fixed a bug when the player was Gibbed while reloading. Previously it would prevent the player from fighting back for the rest of the round since they were endlessly stuck in a reload state.
  • Fixed a bug where a player that died while in a concussion state would endlessly be stuck in a concussion.

1.0 - August 24, 1996

  • Official release