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techWeapon is a modification for Quake made by Keith Russell. This modification is an altered version of Blaster, it replaces the Shotgun and Double-Barrelled Shotgun with Single and Dual Blasters respectably. These Blasters function similar to the weapons fired by Enforcers in the base game. Shells are also referred to as Plasma Charges for consistency.

The only difference between the Single and Dual Blaster is that the latter fires two shots at once while having a slower firing rate. Both Weapons fire at a faster rate than their respective Weapons in the vanilla game.

Furthermore, Grunts fire the same as a Single Blaster, while Enforcers have been modified to fire Dual Blasters. Enforcers now drop 5 Shells (Plasma Charges).

Since Enforcers no longer provide Ammo, Cells now provide 9 and 18 rounds for small and large boxes respectively.

Note that this modification is mostly intended for Single Player and thus no custom death messages have been included.


Blaster being fired
Blaster projectile colliding with a solid surface
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