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Tectonic Stabilizer

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Strogg Tectonic Stabilizer

  • Primary: Shut down the Tectonic Stabilizer
  • Secondary:
    • Find Control Center for stabilizer wall nodes
    • Destroy all 16 wall nodes in this area
    • Turn off all 3 auxiliary coolant pumps

Tectonic Stabilizer is the third level of Unit 1 of Ground Zero. This level is quite complexed but your main aim is simple, you have to destroy the Tectonic Stabilizer. This will result in a dramatic rise in lava eruptions, earthquakes and other tectonic activities which the Strogg have worked hard to shut down, perhaps with a view to mining vital resources closer and closer to their world's mantle without disruption, or to putting a stopper on a rise in unstable tectonic activity, which may have previously endangered important surface facilities.

It is not known whether there are other stabilizers elsewhere (if there is, say, a network of them), but the destruction of just this one will evidently pack enough of a punch in the Strogg gut to warrant being made a primary objective, possibly due to its proximity to Cerberon - the Strogg capital city.

To achieve the aim of destroying this important stabilizing device, you first have to find its Control Center to turn the shields of its wall nodes off, and then destroy all 16 of the wall nodes. Then, only one thing is needed to destroy the stabilizer - turning off its coolant supply. Once you do it (by turning off 3 auxiliary pumps), you must escape from the facility by heading straight back to the Thaelite Mines (or perhaps to the secret level "Mine Engineering"). After the stabilizer is destroyed, proceed to the elevator in the Lower Mines to get to the warehouse and the beginning of Unit 2.


  • #1) There is a computer console room with a H-shaped structure (two vertical columns and one horizontal coolant tube). Assuming you are entering the area from the cavernous area, a hidden flame switch is located behind the column on the left. Shoot it to reveal the nearby secret area where a gladiator originally stands. Get the Defender Sphere and Prox.
  • #2) Enter the coolant tank and press the button to activate the filtration vents. Climb down ladder and swim to get the Body Armor.
  • #3) Leave the coolant tank at another exit door. Jump to the left from the exit door to get the Double Damage.
  • #4) After all 3 auxiliary coolant pumps are turned off from 03, 02 to 01, run to the generator room (centred with a large blue crystal). Stand at the highest position on the road in this room and a large chunk of rock will fall on a reverse L-shaped tube. Jump into the new formed hole and run (opposite to a brown grid) to enter the secret level Mine Engineering.
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