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The Telefrag in the Quake series occurs when one player teleports to another player's or an enemy's location. If a Player or Monster is standing at a Teleporter exit, and another player enters the Teleporter, the player/monster at the exit will instantly be killed (often resulting in being Gibbed). Similarily, this can also occur when one player spawns at a location where another player is currently standing.

Players might continuously Telefrag one another if the number of Spawn Locations is too small. It does not matter how much health the player or enemy had, they will still die because of the Telefrag. Due to this, the Telefrag is the most powerful attack in the Quake series; it causes instant death regardless of health or Armor. The Telefrag can be performed by you or your foes. Usually it is simply a case of bad luck, the player is given no warning prior to getting Telefragged. In the fast-paced nature of Deathmatch, it is uncommon to see someone get Telefragged, unless the player decides to camp at the Teleporter and someone uses it.

In Quake, it is the only way to kill the final boss, Shub-Niggurath. By running into the Teleporter when the Spiked Sphere is inside Shub-Niggurath, she will explode and the player will beat the game.

In Quake 4 Single Player, the Tactical Strogg and some strogg other units will use teleporter to reach your location, blocking their point of spawn will not telefrag you, but you will be pushed. Same goes for the final boss fight, where enemies cannot telefrag you.

Any attempt to Telefrag any other player while the latter is equipped with a Pentagram of Protection, is a suicide.

Any attempt to Telefrag any other player while BOTH are equipped with Pentagrams of Protection, is a murder-suicide.


  • Quake 3 Arena: [Player] tried to invade [enemy]'s* personal space

*A person who telefrags the "Player" in question.


  • The Telefrag was first featured in Doom, another game developed by id Software.

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