These are distinctive in appearance and emit a unique sound. When you step into a teleporter, you're instantly transported to another teleporter, or atop a teleport pad. If you teleport directly right atop of somebody else, he or she is killed instantly.

—Quake Manual

Teleporters in Quake are dimensional gateways created by Shub-Niggurath for the purpose of quickly sending her armies across the universe. They are the Quake equivalent of the Slipgate. Once a living being enters a teleporter, they will be warped to whatever destination has been set. Teleporters can be vertically or horizontally placed in a level. If a player tries to teleport to the exact spot an enemy occupies, that enemy will be killed in a telefrag. However, monsters are incapable of telefragging the player, and will die if they teleport to his position.

While not necessary for level design, the Teleporter often will take the player to a designated Teleport Pad. These are slightly raised platforms with a unique texture.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was telefragged by "Attacker"
  • Satan's power deflects "Attacker"'s telefrag (Cut from game)


Teleporter ambient sound
Teleporter in use / Inital spawn