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The Axe of Command is a modification for Quake made by Sto. This modification modifies the Axe so that the player can convert Monsters to their side by hitting them. Monsters on the player's side will fight alongside instead of against the player, attacking foes as needed. If no opponents are visible, the Monster will instead follow the player around. It is recommended to use this within reason, since converting all the Monsters on the map can cause the game to lag tremendously.

Note that the Monster is hostile to most triggers in the level, including Doors, meaning the AI might end up getting trapped trying to attack a Door they cannot reach. Furthermore, players can walk through their own Monsters at Sto was unable to find a way to fix this; anything owned by the player can be walked through by the player.

Version History


  • Modified by Francois Bedard
  • Using the Axe now costs 50 Health


  • Initial release