The Eldencross is a Single Player level. Note the Keys in this level are entirely useless, the Silver Door can be opened without the Silver Key.

Quick Level Completion

  • Proceed forward up a ramp, then head through the Door straight ahead.
  • Head down the corridor before turning left.
  • Enter the next room, then head to the far side to reach an Elevator.
  • Turn around, then at the top head up the stairs to your right while turning right.
  • Head down the corridor to open the Silver Door.
  • Go through the doorway to your right, then turn right to jump onto the small platform.
  • Move forward and let the wind carry you through the doorway on the far side.
  • Head down the long corridor to reach a large room.
  • Use the Elevator to your left to reach the top floor, then drop through the doorway to reach the balcony.
  • Go through the doorway in the middle of the section, then head straight to complete the level.


The Eldencross

The Eldencross

Collect the Grenade Launcher to your left, then head up the ramp to reach the next room. At the top is a Door leading to the next area, ignore this for the time being and instead turn around. Head to your right to kill the Zombie. Continue forward to collect the Gold Key, then turn right to collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun beside the wall. Turn right while stepping back into the main corridor to look down it once more, then kill the Ogre on top of the Door you ignored earlier. Head towards the Door once more, then turn right and cross to the corridor on the other side. Turn right to kill the 2 Zombies, then proceed forward to collect the Green Armor in the further grave. Turn around, then head back towards the Door. Jump onto the platform to the right of the Door, then use that to reach the higher platform and collect the Rockets.

Go through the Door you previously ignored, then head down the staircase while collecting the 25 Health and killing the Grunt. Turn around to kill the Scrag to your right, then turn around once more and head to the end of the corridor. Turn left to enter the next room while killing the 2 Rottweilers, then head to your right to collect the Shells. Step on the Elevator on the far side from the entrance while turning around, then kill the 2 Enforcers. Ignore the staircase to your right, instead turning around once more to look towards a window. Jump into this room to collect the Nails and Nailgun. Turn around, then head to the upper left corner of the room to reach a ladder. Turn left to face the ladder, then jump up each "rung" to reach the top. Turn around to kill the Ogre, then turn right to collect the 25 Health. Turn right to enter the next room, then proceed down it to collect the 2 Cells. Turn right to kill the Grunt and enter a balcony overlooking the area with the Elevator and window. Kill the Enforcer watching the staircase to your right, then proceed forward to collect the 25 Health and Nails. Head around the pillars to collect the Rockets, then jump onto the ledge of the balcony to drop to the staircase below that you previously ignored.

Follow the staircase to your right and enter the corridor at the top. A series of Bars will open a doorway to your left, kill the Death Knight and Knight inside before entering the room. Collect the Rockets to your left, the Rocket Launcher to your right, and the Silver Key on the platform to your far left. Return to the corridor once more, then turn left and proceed to the far end to open the Silver Door. Collect the Yellow Armor in the lower right corner of the room and the 25 Health in the upper left corner of the room, then turn left and go through the doorway. Follow the platform around to your left to collect the Ring of Shadows on the platform where you killed your first Ogre, then return to the previous room. Go through the doorway to your left, then jump onto the small ledge to kill the Enforcer on the far left side of the long corridor filled with Water. Hug the left or right wall before moving forward, you will be pushed forward much like you are in a Wind Tunnel through the doorway on the far side otherwise. Turn around and drop into the Water, then kill the 3 Rotfish. Swim to the far side to collect the 25 Health to your left, then use the Elevator to your right before moving to your left to be flung by the Wind Tunnel once more.

You will land on a small platform with a 25 Health, Bars will close the way behind you. Turn around, then drop through the hole to reach the floor below. Turn around once more, then head down the long corridor to reach a large room with a giant structure in the ceiling. Look up to your right to kill the Enforcer on the platform, then back into the doorway once more. Kill the 2 Shamblers on the far side of the room before continuing. Head into the room, then turn around to kill the Grunt on the platform behind you. Turn left to collect the 25 Health, 2 Cells, and Nails. Turn around, then cross the room to reach an Elevator before turning left onto it. Ignore the top floor as it is empty, instead stopping at the middle floor to collect the Thunderbolt. Follow the balcony to your right around or use the top floor of the Elevator to reach the area with the 2 Shamblers. Head to the middle of the balcony, then turn right and step through the doorway. To your right is a Teleporter that brings you back to the Silver Door in case you missed anything, ignore this and instead proceed through the doorway straight ahead to exit the level.


Type Count Notes
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rotfish 3 (6) 3 (6) 3 (6) The vanilla engine counts each Rotfish as 2 enemies.
Rottweiler 2 2 2
Grunt 3 3 3
Zombie 3 3 3
Enforcer 5 5 5
Knight 1 1 1
Scrag 1 1 1
Ogre 2 2 2
Death Knight 1 1 1
Shambler 2 2 2
Total 23 (26) 23 (26) 23 (26)


  • Hugging the back wall of the starting room can result in an Elevator being triggered. Note this Elevator is not defined in the level, nor has any visible entity, but is fully audible.
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