The Forsaken Citadel is a Single Player and Multiplayer level. This was the third level made by Darren Stabler, focusing more on architecture.

The original level was three times as large, but due to the size of the file had to be cut back. There was originally intended to be an underground section, as well as a higher section, meaning what is seen in-game is essentially the middle floor.

Darren Stabler attempted to improve on his previous levels by improving on the lighting. Furthermore, he attempted to make the architecture more like what would be found in the original game. He also used a more varied texture .WAD file as well as a newer version of QBSP. These changes in editing resulted in the author planning on redoing his first two levels.

This level leads to another level, Potpourri, that was an earlier level made by Darren Stabler.

Quick Level Completion

  • Proceed forward to the wall, then turn right to head to an intersection.
  • Turn right to head down a small corridor and enter a large room.
  • Go through the doorway in the upper left corner of the room, by another intersection.
  • Head down the corridor and turn right to enter another room.
  • The Silver Door is on the far side, go through the Door to the left of it while turning left.
  • Follow the wooden platform to the entrance on the opposite side.
  • Enter the next room, then turn right and head down a corridor.
  • Turn left to move down a small corridor, then turn left once more.
  • Head down the corridor to collect the Silver Key.
  • Return to the Silver Door and go through it.
  • Turn right at the top of the ramp, then head up another ramp.
  • This room is a balcony overlooking the large room below, the Gold Door is found just to your right.
  • Enter the room across from the Gold Door to collect the Gold Key.
  • Go through the Gold Door, then continue straight.
  • Head up the ramp in the lower right corner of the room at the opposite side of the bridge.
  • Turn right at the top of the ramp, then head down a small corridor before turning right once more.
  • Continue forward up another ramp, then turn left and head down the corridor to exit the level.


The Forsaken Citadel

The Forsaken Citadel

Collect the 25 Health to your left and Shells to your right, then head down the corridor straight ahead. Turn right at the end to kill the 2 Grunts, then head down the next corridor while collecting the Nails to reach an intersection. Ignore the area to your right, instead heading up the staircase to your left. Collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun and 25 Health near a window, then kill the Ogre. Head down the flight of stairs to your right, then turn right at the end to head down another corridor. Kill the 2 Knights in the room at the end, then turn right to kill the Enforcer through the doorway. Turn around once more, then collect the 25 Health on the far side of the room and the Shells to your right. On the same wall as the side with the Shells, near the doorway with the Enforcer, is a faint Button that can be pushed (#1). Head through the doorway into the room where you killed the Enforcer. This leads to another intersection. To your left is a ramp, just before it is a Movable Wall which leads to the outer courtyard. This can be safely ignored, you will use another route later on. Ignore the doorway to your right and instead head up the ramp to your left while turning left. You are on a balcony overlooking the Silver Key room. Head to your right to collect the 25 Health, then head to the opposite side to collect the Super Nailgun while killing the Fiend. Return to the lower floor and go through the doorway you previously ignored. Kill the Enforcer in the next room. Collect the Nailgun on the ledge to your left and the Nails on the ledge to your right, then head down the corridor straight ahead. Turn left at the end to reach another intersection. Ignore the corridor to the left, instead continuing straight into a large room with Slime in the middle of it. Kill the 2 Scrags, 1 on each side of the balcony above you, and the 2 Enforcers, 1 by each corner. To your right, in the middle of the room, is a doorway with a corridor leading back to the intersection near the start. Ignore this, instead heading to the upper left corner to collect the Nails and upper right corner to collect the Rockets.

Return to the intersection you previously ignored and start heading down it while killing the Ogre. Turn right at the end of the corridor, then head into the next area while killing the 2 Grunts. Collect the 25 Health and Shells to your right. Across from the entrance to this room is the Silver Door and way forward. Turn left to look across from the side you are on, then go through the Door in the middle of the room. You are now in the outer courtyard, an open area filled with balconies and platforms over an area covered with Water. Continue forward on the platform to collect the Yellow Armor. Turn right, then drop into the Water to collect the 25 Health to your left and Rockets to your right. Surface nearby, then turn around to find a small platform separated from the entrance by a wall. Kill the Enforcer, then climb onto the platform to collect the 25 Health and Biosuit. Swim in the Water once more, passing the starting platform to reach the opposite side. In the upper left corner is a doorway leading back to the Movable Wall and corridor you previously ignored. Straight ahead is a Wind Tunnel, swim down this while hugging the right wall to get enough of a jumping ability to reach the raised platform to your right. Kill the Enforcer on the platform. Collect the Grenade Launcher, Rockets, and 25 Health. Turn left and look upwards towards a balcony to kill a Knight. Turn left once more to overlook a bridge, then kill the Ogre on the far side. Drop into the Water once more, then collect the 2 Nails in the lower left corner. Turn around again to face the starting platform of the room. To your right is a recessed Button you can push to reveal another alcove (#2).

Return to the wooden platform, then turn left and head through the doorway on the opposite wall from the entrance to the room. Enter the next room while turning right to kill 2 Grunts, then turn around to kill another 2 Grunts. Head to the wall to collect some Nails beside the dead end, then turn around. Collect the 25 Health just before a smaller corridor, then head down it before turning left at the end. Move down another small corridor before turning left once more, then kill the 2 Zombies in the corridor. Head down the corridor while collecting the Nails, then collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun and two 25 Health near the end. Collect the Silver Key on the platform in front of you, then quickly turn around to kill the Death Knight that has spawned. Retrace your steps to the Silver Door, then go through it. Head up a ramp, then turn right at the top to head up a second ramp. Collect the 2 Shells straight ahead, then use the closer corridor to start crossing to the opposite side. At the halfway point, to your right, is the Gold Door. Continue forward while killing the 2 Scrags, 1 in each corner. Collect the Nails and Red Armor in the upper left corner of the room while turning left. Go through the doorway across from the Gold Door while killing the Spawn. Collect the 15 Health to your left and the Gold Key in the alcove straight ahead. Across from the 15 Health is a light and two windows, hitting your head on the Light shall open up the right Window (#3). Return to the Gold Door and go through it, then continue to reach the Rockets on a bridge. You are now on the bridge overlooking the outer courtyard, the Ogre was in the area to your right. Continue across the bridge to kill a Shambler. The room you have just entered has two very narrow ramps, turn around and take the one in the lower right corner. Turn right at the top, then head down the small corridor before turning right once more. Kill the Knight while collecting the 25 Health, then head up the next ramp. To the left is the exit Teleporter, ignore this momentarily to travel down the ramp straight ahead and collect another 25 Health beside the Knight you killed earlier from the Grenade Launcher platform. The corridor in front of you leads to the second small ramp, the one you did not use, so instead return and go through the exit Teleporter.


In the room with tan and grey stone with 2 Knights, there is a Button with a faint outline near the doorways and on the opposite wall from the corridor leading to the Double-Barrelled Shotgun. Pressing it shall open a Movable Wall on the same wall, revealing access to an alcove with a 100 Health.
In the outer courtyard, there is a Button in the Water opposite the corridor leading to the Movable Wall. Pressing the Button shall open up a Movable Wall under the wooden platform leading to said corridor, revealing an alcove with a Rocket Launcher.
In the room with the Gold Key, hit your head upon the Light between the two windows to open the right Window. This shall reveal an alcove with a Quad Damage.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Grunt 8 8 8
Zombie 2 2 2
Knight 4 4 4
Enforcer 5 5 5
Scrag 4 4 4
Spawn 1 1 1
Ogre 3 3 3
Death Knight 1 1 1
Fiend 1 1 1
Shambler 1 1 1
Total 31 31 31


  • It is possible to get permanently sealed in (#1) if you do not leave the alcove before the Movable Wall closes back up.
  • Triggering (#1) can be somewhat unreliable. It is best to go to the side the Movable Wall slides to. If this does not work, try hugging the Movable Wall as it opens.
  • You can potentially get stuck in the Wind Tunnel portion that resists you while under the Water, resulting in drowning without being able to escape.


Spawn Locations

N/A Custom Levels Potpourri
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