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The Tractor Beam is a modification for Quake made by Jonathan Avraham (also known as Procedure or Shambler). This modification gives the player the ability to use impulse 15 to switch between the standard Thunderbolt and an alternate mode.

The player can use the Thunderbolt alternatively as a Tractor Beam that will grab opponents and move them with the player. Note these motions must be very small or the target will not be moved, plus the player is limited to moving side to side. However, the player can use this to drop opponents into pools of Water or Lava, or just over the side of a cliff.

An opponent hit with the Tractor Beam will be paralyzed while said beam is being held down. Time is of the essence however, since Cells are quick to run out. Note that the player can quickly release their opponent and grab them again to get a better angle, they will be paralyzed for half a second after being released.