• Hello my name is Spirit of 85 from I have read your vanilla and addon level Playthroughs, and I have to say You did an good work at these specially at the detail and the enemy placement. After seeing how well You described the maps, I ask You, do You think Yours Could do them for the Quaddicted Level Database too?) If you accept, I think You could begin with the earliest maps from 1996 (These are quite in the level of the addons maps :P). I leave it here for You to decide I think it would help the Wiki grow even more, since as We can see in the Doom Wiki(!) there are pages for fan made Wads and Levels.


    .. Spirit of 85

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    • Hello Spirit, I am honored to be asked to do such. I think you would find some of the maps I have tacked would indeed have overlap, since I primarily am focusing on 1996 Quake levels.

      While I haven't really dug into Quaddicted, due to primarily focusing on using the commercial shovelware, it is likely various levels are already being done.

      So I think this is a case of me already tackling some of the Quaddicted database and I planned, as I moved along, to progress through the various levels. So while not having been directly, I was aware of the resource and was planning to include content as needed when I reached said point. I should also mention I noticed that while you had two Area 51s, neither is the AREA51 found here. I could also not find Entering Black Majik or Chaag.

      I imagine links in the comments would make them more noticeable? While far from having a massive amount of content, we do have quite a number of levels here that are shovelware and thus likely included on Quaddicted, so it mostly is a matter of confirming they are the same and linking them up in some way.

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    • Glad to met you Deathstalker, I guess i didn't search around enough for the Basic Castle page due to my hurry nature) I am aware that to create pages like the ones you create must pay attention to details, there you must put a lot of effort to Document them all, while not losing the track of each section of the map, In the end it's an amazing work.

      I understand your position, most of these Addon levels are unique and are hard to find or not found anywhere else, even in the deepest places of the internet. Some of Them survive to tell the story though, due to some of the authors uploading them to the Idgames FTP.

      Some of them could be in the trash though (The final resting place for Badly designed maps) I've lost track of it :P

      I presume the Basic Castle map from our Database is the Same as the one you described. There seems to be possible to exit that map without using Cheats from what I've read in the reviews here is an link But the level seems intact.

      Kind Regards 

      Spirt of 85

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    • Glad to meet you as well Spirit, your site is no less of a massive accomplishment. To categorize things as well as you have, to upkeep such a database, is quite the impressive task. Thank you very much for all the compliments. I put my all into trying to detail things as accurately as I can. I am absolutely glad the effort is recognized and liked.

      You are quite right. I lament the loss of the hundreds of sites that have gone down. While Doom has been pretty well maintained, it seems Quake exists in bits and fragments. Sites like Quaddicted and here are important since they are the main places preserving the information of the past.

      I am a bit insane, but my particular mindset is that even the worst level is worth checking out. I mean, I don't usually feel that way while playing the level mind you, but I am of the mindset that every little bit of content is important and should be preserved. This is pretty much the only way I can work my way through an endless stream of generic multiplayer levels with only the occasional thing to shoot at :P

      Yes, I have noticed such reviews as well, I have often checked the review pages out of curiosity to see how they aligned with my thoughts. As for Basic Castle, I was wondering if the file there and the file I have were slightly different, or if perhaps this was a case of source port differences. This is actually what inspired this line on the page "While there are alleged cases of people brute forcing their way past this part, no evidence exists, and success might occur when using some third party Source port.". I am willing to check it out if new evidence is provided, but I have tried following the procedure outlined (getting pushed by the door) in both GLQuake and DOSQuake without success.

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    • Nice Work) As you can see that is a problem that would probably go unoticed due to the rarity of these addons. Ahh about these two maps in question I supose they could be in the database hidden somewhere.. or since we utilize the Idgames FTP they could be here too.

      Thanks for the Pages)

      Kind Regards

      Spirit of 85

      Sent from Mobile Phone

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    • One of my biggest fears when working on pages is often that people are rarely going to check them out, so that means a mistake in my documenting could easily be overlooked. If I believe something to be unable to be completed or broken, I usually tend to get determined to ensure it is such, for the reason that I absolutely hate claiming such a thing. Especially since, if I don't find the answer, it is likely to not be found due to the community mostly focusing on the modern day content or a few key campaigns. Without a buffer, you learn to get very detail oriented and tear apart absolutely everything you can.

      I believe Quaddicted has quite a few of the commercial add-ons stored, so worst case scenario, it could be found that way. I am quite aware that there is plenty buried on that site, such as the numerous Multiplayer maps, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were somewhere.

      Any time, thanks for appreciating them. As said, one of my fears was the lack of them even being noticed, so having my fears allayed is quite welcoming. A Wikia exists primarily for the spreading of information and to provide a resource to others, so it is quite positive for said information to be spread more.

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    • No problem I enjoyed your level walkthroughs and I'm sure that more people enjoyed them), the information on the addons for example are extremely useful for an obscure FPS researcher, and collectors.

      You are right about Quake having an fragmented community, Quaddicted was created to fix this small issue within our communities. But I warn you back in 2004 it much worser :P

      Currently the Quake Multiplayer scene is quite inactive, contrary to even Doom which has an active Multiplayer scene going on. This is partially because players moved to new games, or have an active personal life now.

      You aren't the only one that likes to play around on Bad Maps too. Sometimes I find them interesting :P

      I also tried it to no success, could somehow be related to the BSP or it requires an specific movement like strafe running. I bet most of the users of the site use the Quakespasm Source Port and Darkplaces I myself use QSpasm, Darkplaces is too advanced for me. it's a matter of personal preference)

      Again don't worry about it) I'm sure the information is useful for researchers and alike, considering the rarity of these addons detailed level information is something that would be least expected.

      I have to do some deep search because of an data loss lately :P but i'm sure at least some of the levels could be over there.

      And at the end I wish you Good Luck in your quest, for spreading the information about these addons in the Wikia. I see you also made pages for modifications too, it's something I was searching for in a site like this)

      Best of regards

      Spirit of 85

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    • Did an search and found the addon files here: have fun)

      Best Regards 

      Spirit of 85

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    • Precisely my mentality, while the layman would be uninterested, the FPS collector or historian is bound to find the detailed content helpful.

      Oh, I can only imagine before Quaddicted showed up on the scene. With most relying on Usenet forums,, and a bunch of Geocities websites... yeah, the links from this era were certainly not pretty. It is nice to have Quaddicted as one of the "go-to" sites.

      I have assumed such for a while, which is too bad. Even when the Quake scene is around, I am pretty sure most focus on the competitive aspect, which means overusing DM6 out of familiarity as opposed to say one of the levels from Q2.

      Precisely. Terrible in itself can be an interesting quality, plus there are always interesting gimmicks worth checking out. Test levels, multiplayer, if it is possible to play I am pretty motivated to play it and document it. My main laziness comes to content outside of the game itself, such as level editing software and other such programs, especially since most cover the same purpose and are pretty archaic by today's standards. But yes, if it exists in the game, I love to get very detailed.

      Indeed, it could very well be a trick, which is why some sort of evidence would be useful. Until such comes forth, I have to remain skeptical sadly, and just try experimenting as I get ideas. As for source ports, I am very traditional, I tend to use either DOSQuake or GLQuake. While modern source ports are definitely more prevalent, I feel the original game is what these files were made for, and thus if there are any issues it will not be due to incompatibilities. Darkplaces in particular often has weird quirks that just makes me distrustful when it comes to such documenting; official source ports are mainly what are expected to be used for the walkthroughs for such a reason.

      Quite true indeed. When I started documenting these, I often said that it is likely stuff like Armagon would be highly covered by the internet, while various obscure files on the internet just get little to no documentation. So I found it quite nice, a sort of niche here that offers information the internet has lacked up to this point, mainly due to the lack of patience or determination to cover all this stuff. And yes, the details can be quite useful, the most recent level I tackled had two walls you could walk through, yet gave zero clues, so you pretty much have to blunder across them to find them normally.

      I try to keep my data archived as best as I can. I have a collection of folders stored in a few locations separated by various categories to provide easy access.

      Thank you very much, and I wish you good luck in your community as well, we both work towards a common goal of building Quake up for past and future.

      Yes, modifications is another feature I have looked quite a bit into, so that we have over a hundred documented. Still have plenty more to cover there as well, just primarily focusing on a large collection of shovelware levels at the moment.

      Absolutely wonderful to pull out that resource. Will definitely be checking into them to dig through the levels, as well as Quaddicted in general, as it really is the idGames respiratory for Quake if any exists.

      I definitely will need to be linking out files. As I clean up the rest of the shovelware files and start digging online, I shall most likely start adding links and cleaning up timestamps as needed. In any event, your site is as much a resource as ours, and I wish you all the best in maintaining Quake's legacy for years to come.

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