• Hello Death, I replied here just about now but it didn't work unfortunately. In an short resume I talked about how Quaddicted allowed us to reorganize the Quake community, since it was very spreaded up in the ancient days.

    I've talked how I also had an HDD problem lately since it's getting old and rusty :P

    I've also talked about how DM6 is considered as almost an joke by the competitive community if it's played with more than 2 or 3 players.

    I've also regarded your work as an whole, by documenting these "treasures" with detailed information. An good point, while today's players may regard these addons as "outdated" and "simple". It's interesting to check them out, and did somebody say random-ness?! I've also understanded that it's tiring to document this as detailed as possible, but in the end it's something i'd pay for.

    Good to hear that you save your data as secure as possible, I've learned an lesson now that I have lost my reply. I panicked there :P

    Nice to hear about modifications! once again most if not all of these modifications are not documented anywhere else! You already have my respect for doing this (I've also looked in one of your recent mod page and discovered that you also posted images of the skins. That did brought me many memories :P)

    You are welcome! Glad that you've recognized Quaddicted as one of your recommended sites :-)

    Glad that you found those content usefull, I also wish you and all of the wiki's members the best of luck at bringing those content to the light of the sun. My apologies if this reply didn't come as  detailed, I did replied before but it didn't post, I hope that you understand my short resume :-) 

    At the end I did talk about how the Quake's community has quite reduced, and how I did chat with Baker asking him if he could edit the QuakeOne article you have here to add an small information about an new site that aims to replace QuakeOne as the Quake's main community site. You can check it if you'd want :-) 

    Once again i'm sorry if my reply didn't come as detailed, curse that reply loss :P (I even tried googling and came through an extension for Chrome named Lazarus, but that only works if I had already installed it)

    Kind Regards.

    Spirit of 85

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    • Hello again Spirit. And you are quite right, Quake has a very fragmented community, and Quaddicted has helped rectify that quite a bit.

      Sounds like a common thing actually, the other admin here actually had similar issues recently. I did as well a while back, which is why I am not entirely on SSDs.

      DM6 is seen as a joke? That is news to me, I always thought it was one of the "big" levels people still praised. I know if you want large scale, you do DM3.

      Yes, most of these modifications are rather basic as people were still learning the capabilities of the engine, but it is almost that nature that makes them intriguing from a historian perspective. Plus, you are quite right, you never know what you are going to get. Drunk walking, Rocket Launchers firing dogs, or the 25th pipe bomb mod.

      It can indeed be tiring and tedious, but the end result is worth it, and what always brings me back is the intrigue. My slowness usually has more to do with limited time than a lack of desire to document.

      Nods, I learned very early to copy your text when writing it out, as one bad move and the entire thing can disappear. That isn't good when writing up replies can take at least 10-20 minutes for me, as I try to ensure I make all the points I wish to make.

      Quite such, a big important niche here is trying to bring about proper documentation for stuff that hasn't had any real information on it in the last 20+ years. The skins are also quite nice, very 90s-esque, and yet that also fits well with the spirit of Quake itself.

      Most definitely, there is just no other resource out there like Quaddicted. Easily sortable, lots of reviews, it definitely offers quite a bit.

      Thank you very much and I wish you the best of luck with your community as well. It is an ambitious project, but it is quite nice as well, there is a nice archeology feeling as you unearth ruins barely traversed in years and document them for the museum. One day we may get time machines so we can make it even more detailed, I for one would love to get those tiny pieces of history back.

      No worries at all, as said it is a bit of a learning curve. That reply eating the text is an annoyance we have had to put up with for a long time. Admittedly, being hosted on Wikia has its faults, especially when you are powerless to change the mechanics or fully edit the appearance. I can understand some for ad-revenue, but others just feel weird, like limiting the scale of the pages so that they are compressed.

      Yes, the sad part is that as the years go by, the community gets smaller and smaller. While Doom maintained its popularity, Quake has been a series that has always played second fiddle after the initial craze to most. It probably doesn't help that there hasn't been a well received game since the days of Quake 3, as far as I am aware Quake Champions went almost entirely under the radar. Plus, Quake is a franchise where all the games are entirely different from each other, so Quake 1 by itself has mostly ridden on the popularity of some QuakeWorld members that didn't move onto Quake 3 and the Lovecraftian styles that led to some involved level episodes.

      I checked out the site, but one thing I did notice was a lack of a files hub like QuakeOne. I think a new site now would have a challenge picking up the mantle, since that would essentially require either moving away from a lot of history or porting it all over.

      Yes, that is indeed a bit of a depressing thing, and I know much the feeling of losing it all and having to start over. It makes you demotivated to the point of putting it off. Lazarus can help if you are into that sort of thing, doing things on public computers means I wouldn't want to dare with such a thing.

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    • Glad to meet you again Death! Quaddicted was created with this specific objective in mind, and yes fortunately I've recovered most of the precious data after the HDD failure. I'm not sure if SSDs would do the justice for me, since I have a ton of files in my Hard-Drive :P

      That was a novelty for me as well, from what I've heard from both NetQuake and Quakeworld players. I suppose it involves the way items are placed in their respective places. The Red Armor for example, one can just maintain control over this sector or the Megahealth teleporter room(I am more into SP than DM though so you correct me here.)

      You got an point here, I myself on the glory days tried create an "Enforcer Laser mod" which ended out being just an swap of the Nailgun's Nails to the Enforcer Laser's projectile :P I have an ton of user made contents on my Quake folder, both old-school and new. It's interesting to try them out, I have some personal favorites as well.

      As for source port taste, I can see why you'd like to play Quake without known modern engines. And you're not alone here as well, I know myself some members of our community that enjoy playing Quake at it's original form(Including me as well!). I use Quakespasm mostly because while it removes some limits from the original release it also maintains the original feeling. I myself can't enjoy Darkplaces it feels quite different from other engines, but that's expected I use it mainly for graphics mods released by the community.

      I can see your point, I have retired for a little from my work at Quaddicted and left that for some well respected members from the community. Due to some personal life problems and overall lazyness)

      Exactly this, I try to respond as much as possible before posting in an conversation. When I lost my reply, I basically lost my motivation to do it again due to frustation, I just needed some time again.

      Indeed, this brings me an familiar Doom Wikia "feel" since over that there's even documentation for the most obscure WADs, as said before it's something that I was searching for in an site like this one.

      Glad! Your consideration is very welcome for me and the entired Quaddicted community! Oh and we already have time machines, but currently it's available only for the virtual world :P go here for just an random trip to 2005!: I think you'd already know it but you can look how I did administrate the site back in 2005 :P

      No worries! I've already got over that, just needed an time to speed-type once again :P Thanks for understanding) Oh and yes, Wikia has an quite bad reputation at some games because of that(Doom Wikia for example, I've heard there's also an legacy "Doom Wiki" because the wikia layout was quite restricting for them).

      Very true indeed, I can see why Doom still has more players than the entire Quake series. Doom has aged quite well due to its cartoony graphics(I've seen some Doom players call Quake too "brown" :P), but also because it popularized the FPS genre, Doom was also known for its Singleplayer while Quake for its Multiplayer. Quake on the other hand has fewer amount of players because while it had revolutionary graphics for its time, it still looked like an "improved 3D Doom" the Multiplayer was Quake's main selling point unfortunately, now we only have hopes that another "Quake 1 Styled" sequel is made, I would really love to see that in action. But unfortunately we have another Quake III Arena game, it's not too bad though I liked the lore behind the character and I liked the homage to previous games in the series. I do think as well that it got foreshadowed by other games, that is not good news. Fortunately Doom 2016 filled the Singleplayer action we wanted, but I would love to see that happen to Quake as well!

      Yes from what I've heard its still on early development but it already has some cool stuff there and there, I can hope they get to their objective.(Played at the NewDM server and meet Mr.Burns there telling about the project) I just hope that the Quake fandom can stay up for many years to come.

      No problem about that quirk :P I am back to the action! As an final standing point, I wish you Good Work and Good Luck for your work, keep it up! 

      Kind Regards.

      ...Spirit of 85..

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    • Same here! I think you succeeded in your goal. The hard part with SSDs is that you want to commit to something a bit more on the expensive side, especially since you want to be lazy and not have to update for a long time.

      Nods, that is my problem as well, I am almost entirely SP based. I explore the maps and document it, but generally the most I get is your basic botmatch, which admittedly is a lot easier than a real player.

      You know, I have seen so many Enforcer projectile weapons that it it definitely gets old. I am much more old school, limiting myself entirely to 1996 until I eventually progress (so much content I don't expect such a thing any time soon) outside of GLQuake. But yes, I have quite a few favorites as well, and even maintain a server mod myself that tries to combine all the good open-source ones I find. Admittedly, getting a coop game going tends to be hard, just lack of motivation from other people, laughs.

      My main reason for minimal source port usage is mainly due to compatibility. Sure, Quakespasm might work great in 99% of cases, but since it isn't what existed in 1996, it wasn't what the original level was designed in mind for. I haven't really run across cases like that here, but have had that issue happen with other games, including ones that almost the entire community believes in using a modern patch for. Personally, my sweet spot is GLQuake, DOSQuake is limited by DOSBox and thus demanding maps by 1996 standards are still ridiculously demanding for me. I can't even get a 800x600 resolution to not lag. So my main mindset is often checking out things in DOSBox, then testing compatibility in GLQuake. There are cases where levels wouldn't even function in GLQuake, which makes me definitely wonder if engines based off of it would be as limited. Not that I imagine many playing Welcome to CROSFR01, which just happens to be one of my least favorite levels for Quake.

      Nods, I have life in me. It is pretty much normal for me to work in waves as opposed to doing things nonstop, I may go a bit of time without doing anything (I have taken 2 year hiatuses in the past) only to come back and dedicate myself to some big project. Mostly a lot depends on mood and the situation around me, if I cannot concentrate on what I am doing I feel it isn't worth tackling, as I like to be thorough.

      Oh I entirely understand that and have felt those feelings as well. I am horrible at short replies, I tend to like being thorough even in replying, so losing all the text is quite the de-motivation tool.

      When I came to Quakewikia I had one major goal. I wished to document maps and mods in more detail than had been done previously. I feel like most Wikias focus so much on the original content, and not so much on the mods, which I find bothersome as it is all part of a greater whole. I made it my goal to think out a way of making pages for custom enemies, weapons, and other stuff you can encounter. Doom Wikia was a decent one and definitely was inspiration, but they are definitely hit and miss, a lot of the obscure 1996 levels I have seen they don't have covered. The main reason I don't bother documenting it all is because I just am not big into Doom, documenting it would be even more wearisome than playing it. The other Quake Wiki was good technically for engine mechanics and editors, but not so much for the content that existed, and the third "Wiki" was just a mess of mod downloads. With details like the Guillotine or Spikes, we really cover things nobody else has looked much into. I couldn't find another place on the internet that even noticed that DM5 and DM6 had different Nail boxes from the rest of the game.

      I am honored to hear that, as you guys really succeeded in making THE Quake community, especially for Single Player content. If I wasn't documenting things out and wishing to be thorough, your site would definitely be the place to check out the list of files for. Add the stored files hidden away that are less organized and you just have an insane amount of content. The only reason I haven't thrown up a bunch of Quaddicted links is due to not validating them myself as I am focusing on exploring any shovelware and salvaged sites I can for myself. Best to use the easy resource and list after you have dug the hard way.

      You definitely have come a long way. I have as well I believe. My first act as an administrator here was, well, in the words of one of the administrators of the time "Please undo everything you did< we cannot edit redirected pages.... ". You know, in hindsight, I am wondering why it was hard to edit a redirected page, I guess everyone was inexperienced back then. But the lesson is that I was quick to experiment and also quick to break things. What you see before you is the result of a lot of experimenting to get things right. Often I would look at other sites, just trying to think what they might lack or offer over here. Mods and custom levels are both, in the relative scheme of the Wikia, recent advances as it required a lot of thought just to how to handle them. You don't want to be 300+ levels into something when you realize it all needs to be swapped over.

      No worries at all, I appreciate you talking here and praising our work. It means a lot to know we are recognized and noticed.

      There are two Doom Wikis. Once you move over, the original ends up competing with your new site in a way, since both will have similar content. We debated moving over before deciding it best not to mess with hosting, plus most issues we have are minimal at best (thankfully, since there have been some very controversial changes that we had to fix up here. Too often they forget desktop users and try to minimize screen contents as opposed to utilizing the expanse of the screen). It has been a struggle, but we have got the site under control to not be too buggy. Regardless, we have grown to accept Wikia usually changes for the worse.

      Early 3d always has that bias, since it doesn't "age" as well to some. I guess I am a weird anomaly as I don't really care about graphics, I am more about gameplay functionality. As for Doom vs Quake being brown... I present the entirety of Doom II. Seriously, look at some screenshots, then look at Quake. There are far more greens and blues mixed into Quake, while Doom II is pretty much brown or dark red. Plus all the criticism about "bullet sponge" enemies when the intent was harder AI, complaining about there not being hundreds to mow down when most were just cannon fodder in Doom. Half the complaints for Quake feel like people just saying "it isn't Doom". Well, for me it is the inverse I guess, I don't really like Doom. I recognize its importance on the industry, but feel its mechanics are outdated and frustratingly limited, plus even in the context of the game the design choices just weren't appealing to me. I could do a lot of rants about Doom.

      You can see with early Quake levels, there is a MASSIVE favoritism for Deathmatch. While you get the occasional Single Player bit of content, almost all is Deathmatch maps, as that was the craze at the time. Quake had involved Episodes, but I think a lot more have been made in recent times, while Doom always usually had support for both (Note Doom was also well known for its Deathmatch in LAN settings, see DWANGO).

      I am not really much one who cares about the future of gaming as much as wishing to preserve the past. I sort of lament for the way gaming is heading. Most games require an online connection in some way these days. The most modded games in the last decade include Skyrim, GTA V, and Minecraft. Skyrim requires a constant connection to Steam, GTA V requires an online connection, and Minecraft requires a validated account and tends to redownload files. None of these games allow me to do what I can in Quake, pick up a random old version and play it. Add that shovelware is dead and really we have an even more severe issue of most content being lost to time. And yet archiving feels pointless for these games, since you can't play it without an account anyway. Meanwhile, I can play everything I find for Quake, and every level added is something I can still use to this day. Unless the industry changes, I really just support old school gaming over anything released in the last 20 or so years. I haven't really moved on much, most of my time is spent on Quake 1 stuff from 1996.

      That is of course the real hope. We need something to keep the community alive. It is sad how Quake has been so little maintained when it is one of the most significant and modded games of all time. Gamespy is down, most Quake fansites are down, Geocities is down, just a lot has changed from that era.

      Well, I am glad to see you rebound quick! Thank you very much by the way, I definitely look forward to what else I can check out. There is definitely still quite the overwhelming list. And being thorough can be difficult, Armagon for example has been something people have tried, but just couldn't maintain the patience for. My mindset is always "when I get to something I can always clean it up". But as it stands, we are a source of information that focuses more on Entering Soldiers Alert than anything in Armagon, which might be a sign of insanity.

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