• Hello Deathstalker, I was quite busy lately and I wasn't available to play again at the server. However I will be available to play there by the next weekend. 

    I would also like to invite everyone who wants to play together at Deathstalker's Quake Wikia Cooperative Server, I had a lot of fun playing Cooperative with mods that make it a little difficulty. Everyone is welcome to join!

    For joining Hamachi is required, go Here to install the progam.

    After registering, go into Network ---> Join new Network (May differ from languages) afterwards use the ID Quakewikia and password Q-u-a-k-e (remove the -'s, they are watching us!)

    Done you should see the names of Deathstalker, Minion(Me!) and DESKTOP(Seth). (If something did go wrong restarting Hamachi should fix it)

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. (Sorry if the ID or passwords are not allowed, I will remove it if it's needed.)


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    • Oh no worries at all! Nobody is expected to play, pressure makes things stressful, and I hate stress personally.

      Thanks for the advertisement and the good feedback, it is just different enough to be challenging and fun, while retaining what makes Quake Quake.

      No worries at all about ID or Passwords. The password is made to be ridiculously easy, the whole point is being easily able to connect. Hacking and other security can always of course be a concern, but as far as I am aware Shared Networks are the biggest issue, and I don't think many use that as a general rule anyway.

      So yeah, no worries about advertising it. The more the merrier in my opinion. If it blows up enough (read enough that there would be more than five in a server), I could switch Hamachi to a basic plan, which would be more than enough for a full Quake server.

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