• Hi, I just started working on some 1997 Quake mods to help you out later. Keep going with the good work.

    .. Also you should check Hamachi when you have time :P

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    • Oh! Hamachi is terrible for sending messages, you never really see them unless you are online. I think I tried warning you about that before; I wondered where you went.

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    • Hi, so I disappeared from sight... and yes Hamachi is not soo good for sending messages, its a bit left behind in comparison to some software. But hey it plays Quake and stuff!

      About me being gone, its difficult to explain. But I had to take care of things and all, but I've found an place in myself that I feel that is in a balance between.

      I was worried about you, but seeing you continue to make pages for the modifications, and seeing that Vorknkx is helping you in the goals made me feel better. :P

      If there is still time, I would really gladly enjoy playing at the server again. Time constraints are present, but hopefully there is still room for fun.

      Thanks for the edit at the Zombie page, its something that I wanted to describe in a way that really had the spirit of the game. You nailed it for me.

      - Minion

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    • Indeed, Hamachi isn't exactly useful as IM software, it is mostly just useful for the LAN simulated environment. If you want a place to message me, Discord is a good option if you have it. That is probably the best way to get in contact with me, either that or just sending a message here.

      Don't worry about getting busy at all. My life pretty much consists of constant noise making it impossible to do my main hobby, recording, since getting a proper noise gate seems to not be an answer based on my inability to get it working right. I essentially live with a rather loud person that loves to sing and bang on things at all hours of the day, making it pretty much impossible to get a break unless they leave the house, which is only done on weekends. Then you get weekends like this, where I had to do work for my guitar teacher while having him bug me about various details to the point that it was impossible to record anyway. Trying to write this message, I got a power outage due to them and also a phone call just asking about eggs. I can't be left alone. This is miserable for someone who needs isolation to relax; I just want silence and the ability to work on Quake content, but the world rarely lets me do it. This week pretty much feels like a waste, because it was, and I have to hope next weekend will give me a few hours. Then people wonder why I am so miserable.

      Regardless, I am still around, and definitely try to continue when I can. I won't be stopping any time soon, these issues are nothing new and I work around them, it just is depressive to have things be so limited. Most people get to play games for hours upon end, meanwhile I have to hope for the few rare hours on a weekend. After all, I don't have much reason to play without recording, the two are mostly synonymous outside of stuff like the server. And yes, Vorknkx is still around, he even jumped on the server a couple times since you last played.

      Oh definitely, feel welcome to do such. The previous server ended up having some issues; I tried reinstalling Hamachi only to realize I was being booted out of my own server. The issue was that Hamachi was somehow being loaded before my other networks, meaning it was being overwritten somehow and that me having an internet connection prevented anyone from joining the server. Since then I have worked on cleaning up the networks, of which I had a lot not in use, in the hopes of it not happening again. Apparently these sort of things happen with Hamachi based on online information, I just don't really have much of a good alternative, and at least when it does work it seems to work right. Granted, I didn't get to test a lot of VPN software, the time people had to even test server stuff was very limited, so it became a matter of just trying to jump to the first thing that appeared to work. I would love to get something more reliable, but it just isn't a possibility with people constantly busy. So yeah, I have a new server you will need to join. Same information as last time, but the name is now Quakewikia Redux. Has been working for a bit now and has maintained itself with some people.

      I am quite glad, I felt the previous description made sense, but had some implications it shouldn't have had, plus as mentioned sounded almost too technical with words like "level".

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    • I guess I've lost my reply again, but I had an copy this time :p

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    • Agreed, not that Hamachi is an bad software of its own, it does work well most of the time. However there are such limitations and port-forwarding is a possible requirement if ports are blocked. Oh I do have Discord, I had a problem getting used to it because I thought it was a little too modern for me ;p. Sometimes I also tend to stay to simple methods. Try hitting me when you got time: Worm#3343. Oh and meanwhile I've found an alternative to Hamachi, the name is Radmin VPN it claims to have limitless user support in a network. I'm a bit doubtful because I didn't test it yet, but it seems to have the basic stuff.

      I understood perfectly, it is sad to hear about this, unfortunately for us its part of life that once you grow older more commitments will come and time will be shorter to do the things you enjoy to do.. Then personal problems hit in and you've got to deal with them to proceed, the Family may need you sometimes, and you will need to attempt your best to establish an good connection.

      The stress may be too overwhelming to contain, even trying your best may not work for it. I imagine your situation as I had an close relative that would get angry at nearby neighbors/family due to the noise produced, I was there to relieve him by making him take it as a joke itself, he grew up older and while he didn't completely did get better, he has a certain control over it. You just need time to make your hobby, you love it. once in a while problems come back to make it difficult, and once in a while they will go away. Hopefully there is a light in the end, you've got to keep your head up, a new weekend is awaiting for you. Go for it, time to get it done. Nice to hear that, Vorknkx is an example of person, keep that friendship going as always.

      Thank you for accepting me again, when I left I didn't want to disappoint you, because I came like out of nowhere, and I thought that it would be better for you to play with people you know :P I like Quake, Doom or any other classic FPS of the 90's, my taste in games is quite strange. I also play this Worms game (Turn-Based strategy game, where you control cartoon-like Worms.) Worms, Quake, Doom are one of the only games I don't ever get tired of playing, I also tend to play some classical games from older consoles aswell. Oh so Hamachi can indeed give out some issues, maybe could this Radmin VPN software could give you good results, I didn't have the chance to try it, but it looks reliable (Quite not very well known however.) I'm quite out of focus today, I tend to avoid playing online when I'm out of my head. But I will surely try joining as soon as I can, just need some time to get my head straight. :p

      Thank You once again, indeed I've got to improve my English a bit, I tend to be a little over-technical sometimes. Good work.

      Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I know that there isn't a problem but I get worried to much, in case a new editor comes by for example. I'm worried about the general reaction.

      Take your time to reply, hurry is not needed when you feel better you can do it.

      - Minion

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    • Oh yes, the more you live on the Wikia, the more you get used to copying your message before hitting reply. There are still situations where messages get lost, such as the original attempt to you yesterday due to a power outage on the last paragraph that also managed to corrupt my browser. Was fun having to redo all my options. Apparently during the middle of the night we lost power again.

      Indeed it does, it is relatively decent, but it does have its short-comings. I can understand the issues of getting used to it, I think I had similar when I first got into it years ago. Now it is all I use; Skype is too limited to one particular computer. I much prefer being able to just jump on any browser to get in contact with people. I sent you a request, I am Verbrannt.

      Yeah, I tried Parsec gaming. I also tried messing with a VPN called TierZero. Radmin definitely is not one I have tried, we could definitely do something... if you have time.

      Oh yes, that is indeed part of life. Gaming is but a small and in truth non-serious part, it is a hobby to do when you get free time. It just is depressive when you don't get much of a respite from normal life. Especially when there is just so much you want to cover and delve into. On the one hand, it means you have no risk of running out, but it also means that things you could potentially reach will be forever wiped from the internet. Or cd rot. I fear for the future.

      You are right there, there is always next weekend, and there is no real rush to get through things here. I tend to feel somewhat pressured, feeling that I should be covering all that I can, but at the end of the day it is just something to do when you can. And yes, the issue is mostly just a case of not being able to devote much to my hobby... and also not really having any alternatives. I spend most of my days just waiting for the next; it isn't a way most people should live. Oh yes, I definitely hope Vorknkx remains around and always finds a way to keep in touch. We used to have some others here, but they moved on and entirely disappeared, so we have to hope that contact can remain. I think I am the member that has been around the longest, predating Vorknkx by about a year, and got to see firsthand many of the older users disappearing.

      Oh, you will find I am not one to judge others or really hold expectations, the main issue I find with people is more that they hold expectations on me. Also, don't feel at all like that, I like including people and am all too familiar with cliques. While there are definitely individuals I am highly familiar with at this point, I also believe highly in making everyone welcome. Admittedly, I am not sure how well I do there, especially as I am not the best at striking up social conversations and likely appear strict due to trying to upkeep quality. But yes, anyone is entirely welcome. In fact, I think I told you before, nobody generally even bothers playing. Even people who might try things last year have totally moved on by this point. I got a family member to try the game, but they definitely just prefer doing their own thing to the point it becomes burdensome to chase them down. Vorknkx is really the only one beyond me who would touch the server at this point, but he is generally busy, so it only happens on rare occasions each year. Last time he joined was back in the summer, though there has been hope to try again. I am relatively active with the server, it is a great thing to load up and play some maps.

      Oh, my tastes in games are far stranger than that. See, I am possibly the only person out there that enjoys Quake but also finds Doom extremely frustrating. I obsess over 100% completion in games and Doom's armor bonuses get stressful after a bit, plus the use key and wall spamming is far from entertaining. It felt like the game would be a brief period of fighting, then a long period of hunting around looking for some hidden area I don't even need. Quake is more streamlined and thus far less likely to get frustrating in the course of the average level; the focus is more on the combat than generally finding hidden areas. Plus you don't have broken linedefs that mean secrets may not exist, plus you don't have the nightmarish puzzle based levels. I just never saw much appeal in Doom, no amount of polish or swapping source ports can fix the underlying issues. I played about 300 PWADs, but just got too miserable doing it, each level was a gauntlet I just wanted to end with no real purpose for even doing it.

      Worms definitely is a bit different from your other titles. My tastes are a bit on the odd side; I pretty much find DOS based games outside of Quake (which I prefer in GLQuake anyway) just end up feeling clunky or too limited to really get into. Lately I touched Contra, it was alright for a NES game, but I also had no real motivation or joy with it. I guess my mentality when I play games is to explore a world of some sort, so those types of titles where opponents are blink and you miss just end up uninteresting to me. And FPS titles earlier than Quake just were too maze-like for their own good, I remember my headaches with Dark Forces.

      Games I like playing. Well, there is Thief: The Dark Project and The Metal Age, those are probably my favorite titles and what I could play almost endlessly. I also can enjoy the original Unreal, though certain parts can feel like a slog, and I feel like the game only really picks up in the latter half. Quake of course is pretty much what I am always touching, it is the earliest title I can say I genuinely enjoy and also is one of the most moddable games of all time, which just allows for a lot of freedom. That pretty much summarizes titles I can enjoy these days. There are some memories for various random games around 2001 or so that I definitely need to touch again.

      Of course, the thing about me, which you might or might not have realized, is that I am very particular about order. Only reason I didn't do things month by month is due to how horribly supported Quake is in regards to timestamps or other references, it is far less than say Doomworld's blatant archive order. One thing you learn about me is that I have an odd collection of mental disorders, one of which is OCD. While my OCD mostly refers to chronological order for gaming, and as time has gone on I have found useful exceptions to the rule, I still am very particular and can't handle certain deviations. This pretty much explains why I stick to 1996 and tackle absolutely everything I can find from that year, even beyond the practicality that it gets you more used to what is ahead. It makes it hard to touch games that aren't Quake that I would enjoy, which in turn gives me far less in the way of hobbies. OCD can be a sort of living hell, in a way, since you are mentally torturing yourself for admittedly foolish reasons to a confining regiment that just affects your life in general. But I digress, I make it work the best I can, and luckily have worked on it enough to touch Quake without feeling terrible (which was a lot of mental effort in itself and is always a fear of regressing). So yeah, that explains a lot of why I am so particular about everything I touch, and why I couldn't just touch random mods or join random servers.

      I have never heard of it before, so I definitely intrigued, and definitely would love to test it out. 5 people is definitely limiting, especially when one is myself, and while nobody even touches it to the point the limit is even in danger of being hit, I would rather feel peace of mind there. Plus stability could definitely be a bit better. We could test it out later for sure.

      I can entirely understand, my mind is much a roller coaster myself. With the various issues hinted at, many days can become far too impossible for even hoping at doing anything. Ironically I manage pretty well on the Wikia, when in IMs I would be more struggling for conversation. I guess it is easier when you can pace yourself; I often take long periods of time to write these up. In any event, feel free to take your time, nobody is going anywhere and I am not one to rush people. Today I hope to focus on some stuff as well that needs to be handled, admittedly with the fear that I might not be able to handle much tomorrow.

      Being technical can definitely work in certain cases. There is another Quake Wiki out there that is much more of a technical based place after all. The mindset here is just that of being less technical and more world oriented. Someone could even support some technical stuff here, we could use plenty of details on the various level editors and perhaps the various tools that exist. Just in the case of the Zombie page, it made sense to try to fit it with the rest, and also to try to fit it in the world. But in any event, don't worry about it, we are all a team here and helping each other get the best results is only natural. I wish I had a proofreader half the time, I always fear having some slight detail said wrong due to just human error. It is so easy to mix up left and right, surprisingly, when writing a large number of sentences with various directions.

      Oh, I understand getting worried indeed. Earlier in this post I was talking about the various pressures I feel in regards to trying to get content here and the burdens I pretty much place on everyone. What should be mentioned in turn is that all of this is but a small part of a much larger series of paranoia and stress over a bunch of stuff that likely should not matter. I am possibly an odd choice for a Wikia, since while I can focus a lot on various details, I also just have a lot of weird paranoia. You get to exploring various things, then people get excited about you hitting some landmark and begin asking you about what you are doing. It almost gets pressurizing, since then you feel like you have eyes hoping you will make it to some landmark in a fair amount of time. The fact that I avoid Armagon, nevertheless Quake 2, is well known here. If it wasn't for the fact that I am not a big fan of using DOS based things and find DOSbox performance and Quake aren't a good combo, I likely wouldn't even be using GLQuake, which by the standards of many is an older source port. At least it provides a good overlap of the various official source ports; unofficial stuff just causes problems.

      In any event, I don't see what is wrong with your post. You are talking on my wall in a discussion based area, a new editor shouldn't have any problems with that.

      I appreciate you telling me to take my time and being patient. Note you have the same as well, you are not in any way required to rush.

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