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Threewave Capture is a modification for Quake made by Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch. This modification includes the entirety of The Complete Enhanced Teamplay.

To use the custom models, players would set teamplay to 512.


  • Impulse 21 - Throws a Weapon when Teamplay 128 is set. Note that this only works in Deathmatch 2.
  • Impulse 22 - Grappling Hook mode.
  • Impulse 23 - Reports the status of both flags and if they are at the bases or not.
  • Impulse 69 - Toggles between the last two used Weapons; can be used with aliases to make quick Rocket Launcher switches.
  • Impulse 99 - Shows current coordinates in the world.

Remote Administration

A method to provide administration to the server, even if they aren't the host computer, the player can type three impulses in succession to gain higher rights. Note that this feature is disabled by default; the code must be altered and a 3 impulse combination provided. Note that the impulse must not be used by anything else to be recognized; it also requires three separate impulse numbers.

A sysop Admin, if they type the code properly, will get a message displaying permitted impulses.

Note that the player shall lose admin rights at the end of each level or if the level is restarted.

  • Impulse 151 - Kick a player from the server. Used with another impulse to designate the specific player to kick from the server.
  • Impulse 152 - Changes the team of a player. Used with another impulse to designate the specific player that will have their team changed.

Weapon Changes

  • The Axe has been given an alternate Grappling Hook mode. In this mode, the player will fire a Vore firepod that can stick to surfaces, before being pulled along a "chain" that is just a series of Nail projectiles. The player must hold down the fire key to be pulled towards the firepod, releasing it prematurely will result in the grapple ending early. Switching to another Weapon shall result in the player remaining stuck to the hook, allowing them to fire while hanging from some location, and only will be reverted when they switch back to the Grappling Hook mode. Note that opponents shall be treated as surfaces, meaning this Weapon is by itself entirely harmless.

Gameplay Changes

  • DeathMatch 3 Rules was added for a third Deathmatch mode.
  • MOTD has been modified to include separate messages for standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag.
  • Suicide Protection - Players can no longer suicide more than four times in the course of a single map.
  • Telefrag Delay - The player that was telefragged now must stay dead for 2-5 seconds. This is done to help levels with less spawn points than players, since this could otherwise lead to endless spam and the server crashing.
  • Numerous pickup messages have been removed. According to the author, this just resulted in a lot of needless clutter, and was unnecessary due to the audio and visual cues already presented.

Capture the Flag

Teamplay 256 has been added to support "Capture the Flag" games. It is highly recommended for only two teams to be defined in the "teamplay.qc" file. In this mode, players are expected to grab the opponent's flag from their base, then return with it back to their base.

Note that there are custom flag models and sounds in 3.0 and later. To see these, the user must set their teamplay to 768.

To score, the player must travel with the enemy flag until they reach their base flag. Each flag capture provides 15 frags for the player and 10 for the team, making it more beneficial than killing other opponents. Players that are killed with the flag drop it where they lie, meaning a player can either recover or continue capturing it based on the team they are on. Killing the person who has the flag provides an additional frag. Recovering the flag will automatically return it to the original base, plus provide the team with an additional frag. These scores can be altered using the BONUS variables in TEAMPLAY.QC.

Note that due to id Software having a licensing policy that prevents distribution, the .BSP files must be manually converted so they support Capture the Flag. Each modified level includes two particular areas that have been altered to be "base encampments", which the players spawn at as opposed to normal Deathmatch starts. This is done so players can strategize who is going to be on offense and defense. These areas are filled with various Weapons, Armor, and 25 Health; as well as the flag.

As stated by Kirsh, "Regular team play is crap. It essentially comes down to "don't shoot the guys the same color as you." It also has no real location based fighting--its just random roaming."

Note that there is a bug whereby the Blue team flag can be taken by members of the Blue team.

Supported Levels

The next level is chosen entirely at random beyond a few outliers. E1M7: The House of Chthon caused too much lag to be included, plus was considered not the best for Deathmatch. Other levels not considered good for Multiplayer include E2M6: the Dismal Oubliette, E3M4: Satan's Dark Delight, and Shub-Niggurath's Pit.

Custom Episode

The 3.0 release of Threewave Capture introduced a custom episode. Each level was designated by the filename "CTF" and the number of the individual level, much like the DM numbering of Deathmatch Arena.

Level randomization is based off the temp1 Console Command. id Software levels work by setting temp1 to 0. To get the server to cycle through CTF levels, the administrator must set the value to any number up to 100. The number is a percentage of the time a CTF level will be rolled, meaning if the administrator wants just CTF levels they can set temp1 to 100. This cycling does not occur unless teamplay 768 is set.


The four Runes have also been included as additional Powerups, they spawn at random through the level. The Rune is dropped upon death. Only one can be held at a time.


Flag has been taken
Flag has been captured
Rune of Earth Magic when hit.
Rune of Black Magic when fired.
Rune of Hell Magic when fired.
Rune of Elder Magic when healing.




Version History

3.01 - November 22, 1996

3.0 - November 21, 1996

  • The modification itself was hosted on the server; it was not intended for the general public to play. This means the average client release did not include a PROGS.DAT.
  • A server version was released separately.
  • Included a new episode with 8 CTF levels.
  • Included skins for the red and blue factions. Players have a 50% chance to get a visor or no visor upon joining the server.
  • The Morning Star textures and sounds were included; these can be seen with teamplay 512.
  • Textures and sounds were included for custom flag models.
  • Support for custom flag models was included, teamplay 512 now includes custom flags. The flags have the ability to wave.
  • Added DeathMatch 3 Rules.
  • Level randomization now can cycle through CTF levels through the temp1 variable.
  • Removed support for MultiSkin. Previously users could switch skins if teamplay was turned off, since the author felt it too difficult to determine what color players were with skins on.
  • The player can now only use impulse 21 in Deathmatch 2.
  • Fixed a bug where all corpses used the suicide animation.

2.51 - November 6, 1996

  • Added teamplay 512 for support for custom models. Support exists for the Morning Star, though the assets are not included.
  • Added impulse 23 for flag status reports.
  • Added impulse 69 for quick Weapon switching.
  • Added support for E4M4: the Palace of Hate, E4M5: Hell's Atrium, E4M6: The Pain Maze, DM3: The Abandoned Base, and DM6: The Dark Zone.
  • Changed E1M8: Ziggurat Vertigo. Previously the bases were little more than just the flags, now there are designated base areas.
  • Added Remote Administration.
  • Removed the Flamethrower mode of the Grenade Launcher. Kirsh felt that Weapon modifications didn't really belong in Threewave Capture outside of the grappling hook mode for the Axe; it is about teamplay, not cool new Weapons. Costing a single Shell, firing this would have resulted in a ball of flame being fired directly where the player aims. Causing ten damage per shot, there was a potential possibility for a player to catch fire and take even more damage. Had an obituary of "Player" is invited to "Attacker"'s barbecue.
  • Fixed an issue where flags could not be taken; previously CTF games were useless.
  • Scoring with a flag now earns 15 points, not 20.
  • Fixed a bug with impulse 21 where using it on a level without the Weapon already on the level would cause the server to crash.
  • The version number is displayed upon starting a level.
  • Server logging was made more presentable by separating information.
  • Supposed changes to team color management. Note that the modification appears to not function properly here; colors can be changed freely without the player being punished or dying for it.
  • Grappling hook velocity was decreased.
  • The Rune of Earth Magic now only takes half damage in regards to health, Armor depletes normally.

2.30 - October 14, 1996

  • CTF has now been broken. It is impossible to take any flags, therefore the only points that can be obtained are by killing other players.
  • Dropping a Backpack with impulse 20 will now result in it being thrown, instead of being immediately picked up by the player that dropped it.
  • Fixed crash if server loaded level with Teamplay 256 that didn't have flags.
  • Grappling hook now uses Hit for firing sound.
  • Grappling hook now uses Axhit2 instead of Bounce for collision sounds.
  • Added module Telefragging from ServerModules.
  • Runes are now shown in colored text to make it easier to see what Rune the player has.
  • If the server had color locks enabled, it was possible to exploit by changing colors to the other team when touching their own flag, which in turn would allow them to pick it up. This would result in a flag being restored since it wasn't held by an enemy or at the base, which in turn allowed a player to capture their own flag. Now it properly swaps flags.
  • Color checks are now done before attacks, which prevent an exploit where a player could spam attacks to hurt a teammate.
  • Fixed obituary when player tries to change teams when color locks were disabled.
  • Fixed Grappling Hook from potentially causing lag due to too much complexity with each chain segment.
  • Added support for E2M5: the Wizard's Manse and E4M3: The Elder God Shrine.
  • Hostname now is "PoorlyConfiguredCapture" to prevent server owners from using "Threewave-Capture" due to not changing hostname.
  • Default Autoexec teamplay is 483 to support dropping Backpacks.

2.10 - September 13, 1996

  • Official release